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Staying Cool at Parrot Island Waterpark Fort Smith #AR #usfg #ParrotIsland


Our Family Visited Parrot Island Waterpark, Fort Smith, Arkansas

From the moment we walked up to the ticket line, I could tell it was going to be a fun park. All the employees were so nice and greeted you with ‘Aloha!’ They got us set up with wristbands then directed us to the rental lockers. The rental lockers start at $5 for a small locker. It fit all our belongings and still had some room. I had never seen lockers like this before: you use a kiosk to pay then pick out a 4 digit passcode for your locker, it then assigns one to you. It’s really neat because it takes the hassle of having to hold on to a locker key, which we had to do at the last Waterpark we visited.

Parrot Island Waterparkl

On to the park: people of all ages were there, including a few birthdays, which seem really neat because you get your own cabana type area and multiple times throughout our 4 hours there they came over the loud speaker announcing the birthday kids.

Aloha from @ParrotIslandWaterpark #AR #usfg #ParrotIslandWP @leahsay66

There are 4 main slides to help with your adrenaline rushes. My husband rode 3 of them and our 8-year-old son rode one, the blue slide. He loved it and went a few times. My husband did mention (and I also overheard a few people comment) on how fast they were.

Lilly had a ton of fun in the kiddie area @ParrotIslandWaterpark #usfg #AR #ParrotIslandWP @leahsay66

Other than slides, there is a wave pool, it’s average sized, but the waves themselves do get quite large. We spent a good 45 min on and off in the wave pool. Lots of fun.

In the center of it all is an area geared toward 8 and under. It’s really well laid out and our kids had fun running around here.

The wave pool was a huge hit! @ParrotIslandWaterpark #AR #usfg #ParrotIslandWP @leahsay66

The lazy river was a ton of fun and actually went pretty fast which was refreshing, there have been times where we have been on a lazy river and it’s almost a stand still in spots, not here though. There were enough tubes for everyone who wanted them and no waiting around for one that I saw.

The other area is basically a giant pool with 2 basketball hoops, lily pads and toys you can try to sit on then fall off all in good fun.

Cooling off @ParrotIslandWaterPark #usfg #AR #ParrotIslandWP @leahsay66

When worrying about safety ParrotIslandWaterpark seems to have done a great job. There were a ton of lifeguards everywhere and free life vests anyone can use in multiple sizes when you walk through the gate.

I really enjoyed the layout of the park. It was easy to access anywhere you wanted to be with multiple pathways. It is also big enough to have a lot of family fun but at the same time small enough you could find each other easily.

93 degrees out today, and the water was fantastic! @ParrotIslandWaterpark #AR #usfg #ParrotIslandWP @leahsay66

It was an enjoyable drive, even though it took 2 hours from where we live. We have been to big water parks and paid so much more, like Schlitterbahn and White Water, and we feel like we had just as much fun here. We already plan to come again another time. With the tickets so reasonably priced, at $15 adults /$10, children under 3 free, it’s easy to see why we would want to come back.

If you are looking for something fun to do and cool off on those hot summer days, check out ParrotIslandWaterpark in Fort Smith AR. You could make it a quick weekend getaway and camp at nearby Devils Den State Park. ~Megan Dittmer

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Looks like so much fun. My favorite thing to do at a water park is the lazy river. I have to be careful or I get sunburned.

I almost drowned in a wave pool in Branson when I was in high school. I will never get in one again.

Sandra Watts

Looks like great fun!!!


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