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Recipe Reader from Key Ingredient Review


Welcome to the Fall Harvest Hop Event

Hosted by LeahSay’s Views and Planet Weidknecht

Open October 2nd at 12:01 AM – October 20th at 11:59 PM.

Can you feel it, smell it, see it… fall is in the air. Here in the Ozarks the leaves are slowly beginning to change colors preparing for the beautiful display that will reach its peak near the end of October. 

Each blogger in the Fall Harvest Hop will be hosting a review/giveaway with a minimum value of $25.00. Don’t forget to “hop” around to the bloggers listed in the linky below for more chances to win.

With the arrival of Fall, that means the baking season has just arrived; on that note I have the perfect companion for those of us who enjoy collecting recipes old and new to try out on our unsuspecting family members and friends 😉 We’ve all done it; found a recipe we can’t wait to try, then when we finely fire up the oven we are left without a recipe because we can’t remember where we “seen” it or jotted it down and placed it for safe keeping, and now can’t find that bit of paper no matter how much we search.

I’ve found the perfect solution for myself and I would almost bet for you or someone on your holiday list. Actually I feel this would make a perfect wedding gift as well.

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader. Keep all of your recipes at your finger tips! Let’s take a look at our Key Ingredient Review.

key ingredient reader-header

Store thousands of recipes and sync wirelessly with your keyingredient.com account.

Collect, sort, and search for recipes. A few of the fun yet functional keys of importance.

Substitutions, you’re in the middle of making Aunt Maratha’s favorite pie and your find yourself short one ingredient. Search the substitutions list for an appropriate substitute.

Adjust Font size and background brightness for each individual. Your teenage daughter could read the Sunday Times at 30 paces, yet purely for comfort reasons we (you and I) prefer the font to be a wee bit larger for ease of use and less strain on my tired oldish eyes.

Timers, make for excellent tools when baking, Easy to set and adjust timer with a few touches applied to the arrows.

Convert, the convert feature allows you to make common cooking volume and weight conversions. Say you find a really special recipe for your next holiday party, however the measurement units are in metric. Simply add the units into your converter and presto change-o your set to go.

Recipes are easy to add, simply touch the “Add to Planner” button or “Remove from Planner” button.

You can add “cook books” in to your account. For example one for children’s themed parties, one for appetizers, one for chocolate, you get the point; making your recipe reader fit your needs.

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader Tech

Getting started is a breeze. The set up only took me a few minutes. The first this I did was remove my keyingredient recipe reader from the shipment box and plugged it in, I let it charge overnight (the instructions say 8 hours). Your plug will fit directly behind one of the grey rubber tabs located on the back of your reader, shown in the picture above (The center button is the power button. Tab on the right is USB Port. Tab on left is Charge Port.).

Next I downloaded the correct app for my Droid phone. You can use the app via your computer online or download the iTunes or PlayStore app. I set up my new account and verified my email, easy peasy and I was ready to fire this sweet new kitchen tool up. The first thing I needed to do once I powered up was select my WiFi choice. Then log into my new Key Ingredient account with my password. Ta-da, that’s it. Now it on to the fun part, collecting recipes your family will enjoy. Tried a recipe out and it wasn’t a good fit, delete it from your account.

Key Ingredient Recipe  Reader  Tech

The recipe reader can stand up or flat depending upon your needs.

Key Ingredient Recipe  Reader  Tech

The reader will walk you through the set up steps, leaving you no room to fumble. Each Recipe Reader comes with a 90 Warranty.

As I mentioned before I feel strongly the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader would make a wonderful holiday or wedding gift. I wish I had had the foresight to give each of my children one of these as wedding gifts. I would have loaded each child’s favorite recipes I had made for them through the years. Then the couple could add their new favorites during their life time. Keeping each recipe in one location and at their finger tips.

Key Ingredient Recipe  Reader  Tech

Now, who would like to win a Key Ingredient Recipe Reader just in time to start preparing for the busy cooking holiday’s ahead.

Enter via the form below and good luck to each of you. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family so they too can enter for a chance to win. Then “hop” around to the bloggers listed in the linky below.

Congratulations Cristina! Enjoy your new Key Ingredient Recipe eReader!

Key Ingredient Recipe eReader winner 10-21-2013

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