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Prepping with Sweetworks Patriotic Candies for the Holidays!

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I’m so excited about the Fourth of July, every year we have a family gathering here in the Ozark’s, which involves, tons of food, family, fireworks, and fun! This year I’ll be decorating my table with the help of Sweetworks Patriotic Candy*, not to mention the cupcakes and brownies the children are always asking for.

After opening the HUGE box of #SweetworksPatriotic* treats, I made a run to our local crafts store to pick up a few items which will help me create a fun table arrangement for our kitchen table leading up to the big day, at which point I’ll rearrange and come up with the big finale table topper.

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I purchased a roll of burlap, which has red and blue stripes of color and a great place to begin our project. Next, I found a few fun red, white and blue themed mini decorations than I could add to my bowls and tins for a bit of added flare. (The girls love the sparkles.) I staggered out the candy in containers with different heights and shapes, however within the same red, white and blue colors. Then I sprinkle a few plastic shaped stars about, along with chocolate red foiled hearts, which pulled it all together, not to mention the Sixlets, Gumballs,* and Chocolates!

On the Fourth of July, I’ll place a large flower arrangement in the center and then rework my chocolate and candy to pull it all together.

#SweetworksPatriotic Holiday Treat LeahSay's Views 2

Next, I decided to test out a new mix for a Mimosa Cake, with creamy icing. I jazzed it up a bit by topping the icing of the cake with Sweetworks, Orange Ovation* Sticks, and Shimmer White Sixlets*. The children were thrilled with the results until we cut into the cake. Then, NONE of us were impressed. Let’s  just say, our family won’t be purchasing the Mimosa mix from our local warehouse again. However, I did learn a lesson, never mess with a mix you have questionable doubts about before a big event… EVER. lol. I’ll whip up a family tried and true dessert recipe for the Fourth of July.

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Little Miss L and Paw Paw say Cupcakes by tossing their hands out to the side and “asking… Cupcakes… why, yes indeed!” Miss L decorated the cupcakes by all by herself after I placed the icing on the cupcakes. She was completely serious about the task. She placed each individual candy on top of the dozen cupcakes she created. A labor of love… or grandma LeahSay’s OCD rubbing off. You be the judge.

#SweetWorks Candies Baking Cupcakes Icing LeahSay's Views 2 sissy

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49 Comments on "Prepping with Sweetworks Patriotic Candies for the Holidays!"

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I would love to have any of these! They are so cool!!

Becky Moore

On their facebook page they have a neat capt. America cake..I would like whatever candies are on that.

Leah Shumack

I would love to use the red, white and blue stars on top of my strawberry trifle that I make each year for the 4th of July!

Denise S

I’d try the Individually Wrapped Apple Red 1″ Gumballs, because my kids would love them.

Jan Lee

I’d use Sixlets, Pearls and Candy Crumble to put on cupcakes for the 4th of July. Why, because kids love candy and these are edible decorations.

Jessica Rose

I would love to use Halloween Mix Sixlets® (2lb Bag). I bet they would look great in a jar and add a nice pop of color to the table!

lissa crane

I would love to use the red white & blue Sixlets to decorate with because my kiddo’s would easily be able to help create something spectacular with these! Sixlets would also give an amazing “pop” of color that would be yummy to eat as well!

Monique Rizzo

I would love the Sixlets…they are my favorite candy…and fun to decorate with. Thanks for the chance.

Brittney House

I would love to use the gumballs. They come in so many different colors so it will match your décor.


I would use shimmer gumballs in white, and also red gumballs and blue gumballs. I’d pour them into vases in layers, and use them as table centerpieces – might even stick pinwheels in them!


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