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Preparing for Fall and Winter with AMES Tools


One of my favorite things about fall is watching the children playing in a big pile of leaves. I used to rake ups a big monster sized pile of leave and watch the children play, then rack them up a bit and so on for hours.

The Ames Companies sent me a couple of items for review just in time for fall clean up and old man winter comes knocking at my door.

The first items I received is the 26 inch Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake with Hand Rake


The AMES Companies innovative leaf rake is ideal for people who want to rake faster. The dual tines allow for a clean sweep as they quickly rake through grass and leaves. The head size is designed for jobs big and small.


While the handle features a comfort grip texture for better control. Best of all it features a detachable Hand Rake just right for those tight spaces, such as garden beds.

Ames Rake LeahSay's Views 1

The Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake comes with a 15-year warranty!

The rake is 71″ high x 27″ wide at the base x 5.6″ depth for easy storage.

Ames Rake LeahSay's Views 4

As you can see our leaves her in the Ozark’s are just beginning to change, therefore, we only have a few leaves on the ground at this moment. But in just a few short weeks we will experience a burst of fall colors which will bring the tourist in to see our fabulous fall display. And you know what follows that… tons of those beautiful leaves scattered around our yard ready to be raked before old man winter rears his head in our direction.

The rake is light enough I don’t feel like it’s weighing me down. The handle is nice and long, which is great since I’m tall and have a long reach. I love the comfort grip handle, which means fewer blisters!

The “Where To Buy” link is showing I can find the Ames Companies Dual Tine Rake at my local Home Depot

Take a look at the Ames Companies Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake with Hand Rake in action below.


The second AMES Companies item I received is the 36 inch Scratch-Free Snow Brush


The True Temper brand Scratch Free Snow Brush has an innovative head design that removes snow in smaller and hard to reach areas.


The head is made of freeze resistant material that can withstand the harshest winters.

Innovative EVA Foam Brush

Won’t Scratch Your Car

Removes snow in small areas for better control

Elliptical aluminum handle with comfort grip.

Ames Snow Scrapper LeahSay's Views 3

The telescoping scratch free snow brush measures 36″ in length x 4.5″ wide x 4.75 high.

The opposite end of the snow brush has a handy ice scraper for removing tougher build up before you head out to work.

Time to prepare for the winter weather ahead, by shopping for True Temper and AMES Hardware products.

The Snow Brush and Ice-Remover is light in weight which is perfect for reaching over your auto. We have a tall jeep and the brush reached complete across the windshield for ease of cleaning once winter is upon us. The comfort grip is great as well, allowing you to actually get a good grip while working at removing the snow and ice. I also really appreciate the way the tool folds a bit for ease during storage. I can see this winter weather friend will be handy throughout the long winters here in the Ozark’s. Just when you think spring is on the way, we receive another round of winter weather to let us know not to pack away the sweaters and winter tools quite yet.

Time to prepare for the winter weather ahead, by shopping for AMES Companies products. AND they carry fun holiday gift ideas for this hard to shop for on your holiday shopping list!

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Fee Roberts

I could really use a set of garden tools like this. Thanks for the review.


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