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Pillow Puffs Designer Felt Crafts for Tweens!

Pillow Puff Crafts SQ LeahSay's Views

Pillow Puff Designer Felt Craft Kits for Tweens! The perfect project for summer, homeschool, rainy days, I’d even stock up for snow days and they’re excellent for gift giving!

I received the kits shown in the picture above in order to facilitate my review* from PomTree through KidStuff.

“There are some things “kids” never outgrow like eating ice cram with sprinkles or constructing something useful with their own hands. PomTree, makers of adorable craft kits that won’t leave a mess, puts its focus on the tween crafter in 2015 with the launch of Pillow Puffs™ Designer Felt. Featuring fashion forward themes appealing to older girls  —  about 8 to 12 years old. The Phone Case and Keychain in Dog, Cat or Pig ($7.99) or Designer Kit Purse with Compact in Bird or Panda ($&.99) are a sampling of kits to crave for PomTree.

The Pillow Puffs kits for ages 6 and up have stick back felt pieces so sewing in never required. Make a magical Crown and Wand ($5.99) in the Accessory Kit line or choose Mini ($7.99) to Big Pillow Kits ($9.99) with choice of 12 themes in all. Moms have praised the minimal prep time and almost no cleanup as a BIG plus.

When kids get to fashion something for a kit, they get the added bonus of bringing generations together for a fun, creative session. For Dads or grandfathers, it may be building a model airplane. Mom, teen sitter or grandmother’s will berate a wonderful bonding memory with any of the PomTree extensive line of crafts. Each kit spills out onto the kitchen table with quality materials like foam, felt and a mixture of media stickers. Since everything is used, there’s nothing to clean up. And, the results may not be perfect bit the beauty and pride will be in the eye of the little beholder.

Pillow Puff Crafts Felt 2 LeahSay's Views

My little granddaughter will be surprised when birthday time rolls around, because grandma is reviewing PomTree Pillow Puffs Designer Felt Craft Kits!

I had a hard time deciding, but ended up choosing the following 5 kits to review:

The Designer Monkey Pillow Kits, you actually have 6 styles to choose from and each kit contains sparkle gems, puffy paints.

A Designer Mini Cupcake Accessory Kit.

The Fashion pretty mini purse, in the Panda style.

The Big Butterfly and Monkey, Designer Pillow with 4 styles to choose from and measuring in at 10.6″  x  12.25″.

The girls will be so excited when they open their birthday gifts, and one of my granddaughters is homeschooled, so I think this will be a fun addition to class time. Since each of the kits include everything you need to complete the craft, with no messy glue, and with very little prep or clean up time, I’m sure they will be a big hit. Another thought… the kits would be great to take along when traveling. When the children are stuck in a hotel room and bored!


The girls and I finally had time to create the PomTree Pillow Puff crafts together, during their recent overnight visit to LeahSay’s house.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 1 LeahSay's Views

Miss L was fairly confident she would be able to tackle this craft project alone, however she needed help holding the interior batting into place while we aligned and pressed the outer edges of the front and back of the Monkey and Butterfly which we were creating today. If the batting is near the outer edge the pillow will not stay together.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 4 LeahSay's Views

She did a marvelous job of placing the additional felt pieces on the pillows without a bit of guidance from grandma.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 2 LeahSay's Views

We did run into a couple of problems. The felt wasn’t cut all the way through on the Monkey kit, which was solved by grandma LeahSay trimming the pink felt with scissors.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 3 LeahSay's Views

Secondly, and this stands for both of the craft projects the Monkey and the Butterfly. The double sided sticky foam, that is to be used when placing the “jewels” upon the outside of the felt craft as decoration, is a HUGE pain, not only for children but adults alike. By the time you’ve handled the double sided foam, it doesn’t want to stay attached to the craft, not to mention that on several occasions the foam folded in on its self. So, we solved this problem by using strong craft glue. Be placed a small dot directly on the craft where she wanted to add a “jewel” and then she placed a “jewel” directly on the dot of craft glue. Problem solved.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 5 LeahSay's Views

The funny think was, she kept saying, “I’m going to mix it up a little, I’m not going to place the “jewels” where the box say’s they should go.” I kept snickering to myself, because I’m a bit of a rebel and rarely follow the directions for anything 100%.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 6 LeahSay's Views

Overall I believe she did a fabulous job, and we will use PomTree crafts again in the future.

PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 1 PomTree Pillow Puff Crafts 2

I’m happy to say, PomTree is giving YOU the opportunity to WIN 5 Pillow Puffs Designer Felt Craft Kits! US Only, and you will be able to select the 5 kits you would like from the PomTree Pillow Puff list, I will provide you with when at the end of the contest!


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I like the Pillow Puffs Monkey Kit.


My niece i really into the crafting right now! She is in 2nd grade and would love these!

Eloise Carlson

I would love the Pillow Puffs Jumbo Designer Felt Pillow & Charm Kit: Dog. Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!



My Granddaughter is really into crafting…I would love to win the 5 Pillow Puff kits for her 🙂


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