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Grandmas Girls and Nenuco Dolls Equal a Winning Combination #NenucoUSA Sponsored

Nenuco Doll Toy Baby Grandchildren Gift Review

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no farther than Nenuco Toys.

I received Nenuco Sleep with Me Cradle and Doll along with Bath Time Doll at no charge in exchange for my review.*

Nenuco Doll Toy Baby Grandchildren Gift Review

In our home the girls love to play babies, but thats not to say the boys don’t jump in a play house on occasion as well. Soon after they’ve decide upon a game to play the next thing you will hear is… “I’m the mom,” “I’m the parent,” “We need more babies” and then the fun begins.

The Nenuco Bath Time Baby set comes with a Nenuco baby made with a special fast dry material, the soft bodied doll is specially made for fun in the tub. You will also find a “tube” so the baby can float, along with fun bath water squirters for tons of bath time fun.

Nenuco Doll Toy Baby Grandchildren Gift Review

My granddaughter totes this baby around the house in her baby basket (old laundry basket) throughout the day. When she comes to visit grandma LeahSay she plays with dolls far more than she does at home for some strange reason. Maybe it’s because she is following in big brothers foot steps and trying to keep up or miss out on all the outdoor fun.

One of the very nice things about the Bath Time Doll is the way she is engineered. When you raise the arms in an upright position and then sit the doll on the bath tub spout to drain, she will drip dry rather easily because in part to the nifty drain holes located in the bottoms of her shoes. Thats right no musty smelling baby doll in the tub to ruin bath time fun.

Nenuco Doll Toy Baby Grandchildren Gift Review

The Nenuco Sleep with Me Cradle and Doll is SO cute. The cradle can attach to your child’s bed*  making for sweet dreams with the night light and music box that is directly attached to the cradle. The set includes soft sided doll, bottle, blanket, pacifier and bed.

The girls have given this baby a full on test drive. The baby has been dressed, undressed, in the big bed, in the cradle and grandma has had to baby sit on more than one occasion. Thank goodness this baby doesn’t cry 😉

Overall the girls and I will give Nenuco babies a BIG thumbs up. The baby dolls are well constructed, soft and yet the face and hands can be wiped down after peanut butter and jelly finds its way onto the little darling. After several weeks of play time the babies still look remarkably new.

Nenuco Doll Toy Baby Grandchildren Gift Review

Nenuco Dolls are available at Walmart, Amazon and Toys R. Us.

Follow Nenuco online for the latest developments and offers via Facebook Nenuco USA and @NenucoUSA Twitter.

Thank you Nenuco.

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