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FUN Happy and Hungry Booster – The Very Hungry Caterpillar Sponsored #USACreativeBaby

Happy and Hungry booster seat525x525

I’ve be given the opportunity to review the Happy and Hungry Booster Seat from Creative Baby, available online at BurlingtonCoatFactory.com; and let me tell you this was spot on timing. The exact day my granddaughter figures out how to lift up, and toss the tray of our very old highchair (the tray lock wouldn’t stay fastened); I received an email asking if I’d be interested in reviewing the Happy and Hungry Booster Seat. I’d call that divine intervention.

safety strap creative baby booster

Let’s begin the run down of the Happy and Hungry Booster Seat, which captures the fun of Eric Carle’s beloved picture book, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The booster is equipped with a comfortable cushion, that can be wiped clean. Safety straps, to secure your little one.

adjustable tray creative baby booster seat

An adjustable tray, simply press the green button in and slide for a secure fit.

secure tray creative baby booster seat

In order for the tray to be secure make sure the groove on the tray, is IN the grove on the seat and then the tray is snapped on and secure.

creative baby adjustable seat

The back of the seat can be adjusted as well by pressing down, on the buttons and pushing the chair seat forward for a straight up position or back for a slightly reclined position.

adjustable booster seat base

The base of the seat can be adjusted, which can raise or lower the seat to adjust to fit your table height.

adjustable base bottom

By squeezing the clips on the very bottom of the set you can adjust the seat height. You can also completely fold down the seat back, then snap the tray onto the bottom of the booster seat for travel.

Booster Seat Back Strap

The booster seat is equipped with two sets of adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust and snugly secure the Happy and Hungry Booster Seat on-to a dining chair.

under counter booster

As you can see, the booster fits nicely under our counter top, as well as our dining table; allowing our little one to enjoy meal time with the family.

booster seat LeahSay's Views

The tray comes with a removable tray, and both trays fit nicely into our sink for a quick wash.

I found the seat to be ideal for the price point of $24.99. The seat fits nicely pulled up to the counter so she can enjoy lunch while watching me move about the kitchen and talk with her sister. She seems to be eating better now that she’s sitting directly by her sister during meal and snack time.

The only down side I found was the size of the tray. I felt it was quite small. Don get me wrong, I like being able to clean up the tray in the sink. However, it seems that her little arms are bumping into her food and cup on the tray. I worked this out but simply removing the tray and placing her plate directly on the counter/table during meal times. Since the seat back is adjustable, she sits right up next to the counter. I’m pleased how well she is beginning to eat from a children’s plate, now that the tray has been removed.

Over all I would purchase the Happy and Hungry Booster Seat and recommend the booster seat to friends and family.

At the present time the Happy and Hungry Booster Seat is only available at BurlingtonCoatFactory.com

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I received the Creative Baby Booster Seat through KidStuff PR, in exchange for my review.*


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