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What makes you jump for joy? #NabloPoMo #6

This is the BlogHer NaBloPoMo Jump post for tonight.

Question: “What makes you jump for joy”?

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Jumping for Joy!

I can think of many things that cause me to jump for joy.

After a long day of fishing and you finally real in the big catch of the day. or maybe it’s the only one caught all day and it’s so small I have to let it go. I still feel excited.

When the first hints of spring come around. Tiny bud on the trees. The tip of the flowers you remember from last fall starting to burst forth from the soil.

Seeing the smile on of the grandchildren’s faces.

When I have worked hard on successfully baking or cooking something new and it’s a hit.

Smelling the rain approaching after a long dry spell.

Being able to make it through an entire day without too much pain.

Spending time with a good friend.

Laughing and sharing a great day.

Learning how to do something new.

Teaching myself how to change a code on the blog and it’s successful. (This one requires an entire post all by its self).

The list can go on and on. I truly try to find happiness in the small things. This helps me to focus on the positive.

It’s your turn. What makes you jump for joy?

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