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Movies: Seriously Who Doesn’t Love a Great #Movie! #Humor

because prompts are fun

I personally love watching a great movie.

A great for me movie may not reach your level of high ranking all time favorites. For example do you enjoy horror. Because this is one gene I have veered away from over the years.

Once years ago when my daughter was a teenager. We would visit with a family from my work place to cook dinner together and watch a movie once a week. Well dinner went well a per the norm. However, the choice of movie for this particular week was (insert suspense music here) The Ring! Up to this point I would watch scary movies with my daughter because she enjoyed them.

My daughter was laying on the davenport (sofa) covered up since it was chilly in the house. My friend and myself were sitting together on the love-seat covered up with the house phone laying under the blanket so we did not need to get up in the dark room if the phone should ring. Oops I forgot to mention the lights were off. Don’t let the cool temp story fool you. We were using the blanket to cover our eyes during all the appropriate moments!

When the ringing of the phone on the movie caused us (friend and I) to jump and squeal (ok I know it’s not a pretty picture but well… we did). After this happened a few times (ok, every-time). My daughter called the house phone which was laying under our blanket at the exact same time the phone rang in the movie, not once but twice! We both jumped and screamed. My friends husband came running down the hall to see what was wrong, the first time. The second time he stayed in his office and we could hear him laughing out loud.

Yes, now that I look back on this moment in my movie history I find it funny. However this pretty much lead to the end of my suspense movie watching.

Now days I prefer comedy first and foremost then followed up with family feel good movies, musicals, sci-fi, history and some select westerns, romance and foreign movies. Least I forget animated movies with the grandchildren.


Here are a few of my all time favorite movies in no particular order. Seriously I could fill a VERY LONG post if I were to add all my favorites.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s with Audry Hepburn and George Peppard

The Graduate with Anne Brancroft and Dustin Hoffman

The Great Gatsby with Robert Redford and Mia Farrow

Steel Magnolias with a star studded cast. I so love Weezer played by Shirley MacLain

The First Wives Club with Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton

The Goonies staring many of the child actors we grew up watch.

Footloose Both the new and the older version.

Blue Crush with Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez and Sanoe Lake

Meet Me In St Louis with a star studded cast.

Most of the Super Hero movies.

I’m going to pretend someone would be interested in making a movie about my life. Hum-mm who would play the part of me. Well this leaves the door wide open. We would need a younger me along with mid life me and then the currant older version of myself.

What do you think? Suggestions welcome in the comments below.

Younger: I was shy with curly hair and a book worm.

Midlife: Sassy, making up for my shyness. Longer curly hair. Enjoyed dancing. Struggling to raise a family and deal with cancer on my own.

Present: Short curly hair. Dealing with aging along with all the struggles of pain and using an arm crutch. A wicked since of humor.

This prompt was inspired, ok nudged along by Tales From The Nursery and iNeed a Playdate. Visit our friends to take a look more great posts from this weeks prompt link up.


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