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Week 25 #NSBelieve I CAN Reach My #NSNation Goals at Nutrisystem Social Support

This week I didn’t see any weight loss. So, I’m realizing I have hit a plateau. I have decided to take the next step in helping myself get back on track with adding more movement into my daily life.

I will start walking on my newly borrowed tread mill. (Thank you). By this time next week, I hope to see a beginning of a shift and start losing weight again. I know I can do this I just have to move past this bump in the road. Along with not letting this speed bump get me down. Because we all know where that will lead to… eating… chocolate!

Social Support

Getting the Support You Need

When you’re making so many long-term changes in your eating and activity habits, you may prefer to go it alone. But the support of family and friends can also be helpful. It’s also important to effectively manage people who seem to be trying to hinder your weight loss efforts. Some may make negative comments about your choices. Others may offer you high-fat foods, while others can say things that seem downright nasty.

Whether you’d like the support of other people or want them to stop getting in your way, there are several steps you can take to get what you need.

How Do You Ask for Support?

Decide what you need.

The first step in getting the cooperation of others is to decide what would be most helpful to you. Take some time to think about this, because it can be tricky.

Some of the things you think might be helpful may actually turn out to do more harm than good. The key is to be straightforward and clear. (you’ve heard the expression “good intentions”).

Make a specific request.

Once you’ve decided what you need, let others know.

Specific statements like, “It would really help me if you watched the kids for 30 minutes while I walk after dinner,” are the most helpful.

Focus on the specific behavior that you want the person to change rather than asking for more general qualities like kindness, understanding, or sensitivity.

Give feedback.

When you ask for something specific, it’s easier to then give feedback. Be generous with your thanks, and be clear about what helped.

If behavior doesn’t seem to change, you also need to let the person know; be specific about that, too. As people learn the things that are most helpful to you, be patient with them.

Tailor your message.

If you’re close to the people involved in these situations, like friends or family members, you may spend more time talking about your program and how their behaviors make a difference in your progress.

If the people are more distant, such as co-workers, you may just want to ask them to do something easy and less demanding.

When you’re trying to lose weight, dealing with family, friends, and colleagues can be a challenge. Nutrisystem counselors are available to encourage you and also to help you ask for support from others.

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Read about my Nutrisystem journey here or look under the Nutrisystem-Blogger Category.


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