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Week 24 My #NSFeat is to Reach My #NSNation Goals at @Nutrisystem: Staying On Course During Holidays

This week I lost 1 lb and 1.5 inches. My total stands at -35.5 lbs and -29.5 inches in the 24 weeks!

We have been very active around here the past few weeks. Moving ans building fence. Heavy duty cleaning of the fields and finishing up unpacking the last of the boxes from storage.

I believe I worked off most of the actual weight I lost this past 2 weeks! ; )

This week we are going to touch on the topic of Dealing with Holidays and Social Occasions.

This is a very difficult lesson for myself to keep on top of. I see others eating the fatty foods I used to consume when our family gathers or at the home of friends. I personally feel as though I’m being rude when I try to explain why I’m not eating the food they prepared. So I just have to keep telling my self my family and friends would do the same if they were trying to change the way they see food and eat.

Staying On Course

Part of a realistic, long-term approach to losing weight is realizing that your eating won’t be the same every day. This is especially true at special events and holidays.

What new positive behaviors have you incorporated into your lifestyle? Is a party worth throwing away all we have worked so hard to achieve? For me the answer should be a loud NO. However reality is… I struggle with this one.

Be Prepared!

Does eating healthy at parties mean sitting alone in the corner with a plate of lettuce and carrots? Absolutely not! Social situations are manageable—and enjoyable—if you go into them with a plan.

There are tricks you can use to keep you on track in almost any out-of-the-ordinary scenario, including holidays and special occasions. They can even be a guide when you’re on vacation!

Social Events: Stay on Track with These Ideas

Avoid extremes: Parties don’t have to be associated with overeating and feeling stuffed. You’ll feel better if you try to avoid extremes and aim for a middle ground. Still, you can expect to eat a little more than usual, so plan accordingly and don’t beat yourself up afterwards if you ate more than you expected.

Don’t come with an appetite: If you deprive yourself all day so you can “enjoy” the party, you might end up eating whatever is within reach and not food you really enjoy. Instead, follow your Nutrisystem meal plan as usual during the day and think ahead about what you’ll eat at the party.

What’s the occasion: Whether it’s a holiday, special celebration or vacation, remember why you’re there. Food is part of the celebration, but it doesn’t have to be the main focus. Spend time with your friends and family and try to take the focus off the food.

Be picky: Don’t waste your calories on just any food. Stick to foods you really like, especially those only available at certain times of the year. You could even bring your own Nutrisystem entrée or dessert or a fruit or salad to enjoy, so you’ll have more to select from.

Step away from the table: When you’re at a buffet, select the food you want to eat then move away from the buffet table. The further you are from the food, the less likely you’ll be to eat multiple servings. Focus on the main course and not appetizers or finger foods.

Use a small plate: Instead of filling up a large plate, use a smaller (salad) plate for your food. After finishing that plate of food and taking some time to talk to your friends or family, you might find the portion was plenty.

Easy does it: Alcohol has calories. It can also loosen inhibitions making it less likely for you to control your eating. If you do drink, limit the number and drink smart: pick a light beer or wine spritzer to lower the calories.

Start changing your thinking about eating during holidays, vacations and special events. If a special occasion is coming up, plan ahead, so you can feel in control and good about your choices once the event is over.

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