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Week 22 I #NSstrive to Reach My #NSNation Goals at Nutrisystem: More Movement

This week I held steady. I did not lose but… I didn’t gain! My total stands at -34.5 lbs and -28 inches in the 22 weeks!

I slacked off my program this past week. Eating summer time foods laden with mayo as well as fried foods. So this week it will be back on my program! I felt run down this week and had a headache several days. I feel this is due to the fact I was not eating healthy.

This week we will touch on the topic of More Movement in Your Life

Increasing lifestyle activity: Small changes make a big difference.

You’ve already made great changes in structured activity, such as walking (see Week 3 for more). Scheduled activity is great, but now we’re going to focus on increasing your lifestyle activity and on giving you ways that you can be more active during the day.

More Technology, Less Activity


As you probably know, excess weight has become a major health concern, especially over the past few decades. One of the reasons is that our day-to-day lives are much less active than our grandparents’, so we burn fewer calories.

Instead of the physically active tasks of farming and manufacturing, many of today’s jobs keep us at our desks all day, and we’re encouraged to take advantage of labor-saving devices. While nobody expects you to give up your modern conveniences, you’ll need to find ways to offset the decreases in activity they create.

Convenience: But at a High Cost!

  • Personal Computers
  • Cellular Phones
  • Shopping by Phone
  • Escalators & Elevators
  • Drive-Thru Windows
  • intercom
  • Moving Sidewalks
  • Remote Control
  • Telecommuting
  • Email/Internet
  • Food Delivery
  • Direct Deposit
  • In-Home Movies
  • Computer Games
  • Garage Door Openers
Small But Mighty Changes
Don’t limit your daily activity to what’s in your My Daily 3 plan. Here are a few small, easy changes you can incorporate into your day that will have a big impact on your long–term health and fitness level.
10 Small Changes to Make You More Active
Get in step: Use steps instead of escalators and elevators to increase your daily activity. If there are too many flights to climb, just use steps for one or two flights.
Let your legs do the talking: Instead of using the intercom, phone or email to contact co-workers or family, communicate your message in person.
Get our of your seat: While you’re on the phone, who says you’ve got to be seated? Stand up while you’re talking, walk back and forth, or do knee-bends. The less time you spend just sitting, the better.
Take a 1 or 2 minute walk: Take several mini-walks during the day. You’ll be more active, and you’ll also be more alert, and it will barely take any time out of your day.
Surrender your sacred spot: Rather than hovering to get the closest parking spot at the office or mall, choose one a little further away. Those extra yards will turn into extra miles over the year.
Get off the bus: Get off the bus or subway at a stop earlier than your usual one and walk the rest of the way.
Avoid using your children as “gofers”:  You might be surprised at how often you’ve been doing this. Instead of asking your kids to get you various things, get up and get them yourself!
Make a trip: Rather than piling things up on one of the lower steps, take multiple trips upstairs. Each trip makes you more active and prevents you from having to juggle a large bulky load.
Avoid short cuts: Short-cuts are great if you’re in a hurry, but to increase your activity, it makes sense to take the long way. Try crossing at the light, instead of the middle of the street, or using the front rather than the side entrance of your house.
Be a mail carrier: If your mailbox isn’t right at your door, walk to the end of the drive to get mail rather than stopping in your car on your way in.

Monitoring Activity

Keeping track of lifestyle activity is a little harder than keeping track of structured activity. Lifestyle activity is done many times in a day and isn’t a separate, pre-planned event.

But one way of knowing how much you move in a day is by tracking your steps with a pedometer, a small device that gives you a digital readout of the number of steps you’ve taken. If you take less than 10,000 steps a day, you’ll want to work on increasing that number. A reasonable goal is to take 500 extra steps per day each week (or when you feel comfortable with the increase), until you reach 10,000. For example, if you’re currently at 2500 steps a day, next week shoot for 3000 steps a day.


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