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Week 11 of @Nutrisystem Success (Happy Dance Down 16.5 lbs)

Nutrisystem has plans to fit your needs. Men’s and Women’s in Basic, Silver and Vegetarian as well as Diabetic.

Today we are going to take a look at the Diabetic Nutrisystem program.

Oh, and my AWESOME loss this week!

For years, Nutrisystem D has helped people with
type 2 diabetes achieve real weight loss results.
And now, we’re proud to present our most complete program ever—so you can lose weight to help manage your diabetes.


Low-Glycemic program featuring 28 days of
perfectly portioned meals

Balanced meal plan consistent with the
recommendations of the ADA

Optimized nutrition, new foods and protein drink to
help you stay satisfied

FREE access to dietitians and trained counselors,
plus tools and trackers

NEW My Daily 3 fitness program to help make
exercise manageable

NEW transition and maintenance plans to help you
learn how to keep the weight off

Low Glycemic

Glycemic Index measures how carbs affect your blood sugar

Low-GI “good carbs” digest slowly and help keep your blood sugar stable

Helps promote satiety and stabilize blood sugar throughout the day

Balanced Diet

Program developed to be consistent with nutritional recommendations of the American Diabetes Association

Women’s and Men’s Diabetic Programs provide an average of 1250 to 1500 calories respectively, and less than 2300 mg of sodium per day (lower sodium options available)

Add in fresh grocery items from our SmartCarbs, PowerFuels and Vegetables categories to complete a well-rounded diet

Protein Rich

NEW whey protein drink packed with 15 g of protein per serving

Helps you retain more muscle while losing weight

Helps keep you feeling fuller between meals

Structured Plans

Enjoy 6 portion controlled meals a day as part of a low-Glycemic meal plan to help control blood sugar and avoid “carb loading”Nutrisystem® Omega-3 Softgels provide a natural source of heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids in a convenient one-a-day supplement

Gourmet, fresh-frozen cuisine including Chef’s Table® entrees created by our acclaimed Culinary Council

Delicious ready-to-go menu items that are specially packaged for portability

Now, Lets talk about my AWESOME loss this week!

Each week I have grown more confident with myself since starting the Nutrisystem program. Some weeks I have not drank nearly as much water as I should and I nag myself to do better the next day.

I have no trouble keeping to the foods offered on my program, and then supplemented with a few things I have found low calorie wise that I enjoy as well. I absolutely love fresh vegetables and I can add them to the top of my pizzas which makes for a change of taste as often as I like.

I must admit I still have a little difficulty eating 5 times a day 7 days a week sometimes. Normally I have found at least one day a week I just “feel full”. So I make myself eat at least 3 meals and drink my water.

I have found that with my weight loss I have not been getting tired nearly as quickly as I had before. As well as I can actually see the difference in my face. The roundness is slowly going away!

This week I lost a total of {drum roll…} 5 lbs!!!! {Happy Dance!} and 1/2″! This brings my total for the past 11 weeks to the grand total of… 16.5 lbs and 18.5″!

Have you visited Nutrisystem to discover the possibilities. Take weekends off for dining our with friends and family while still losing weight with Nutrisystem Flex.

Nutrisystem has plans to fit your needs. Men’s and Women’s in Basic, Silver and Vegetarian as well as Diabetic.

Join me on my journey to  lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem. Join today by calling 1.888.853.4689 or visit Nutrisystem.com

Read about the beginning of my Nutrisystem journey here or look under the Nutrisystem-Blogger Category.





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