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Today’s Question of #NabloPoMo Challenge at #BlogHer

Here we are with day three’s question…

How do you feel about starting new projects?

Well let “jump” right into this one.

I normally have a hard time with change aka new. Almost all types of change. Me, I mull it over for a while, thinking “Ah” I’ve made my decision and then bam! I decide I just might need to reconsider this problem a little longer.

I also do not like being asked/invited someplace at the last-minute. I mean really? You’ve know you were going to have “said” get together or a trip to the movies for how long and you are just now asking me, 30 minutes before time to go. No.

I like things to run smoothly and stay in my normal/comfort level. I like for everything in it’s “correct” place in my home, car. I’ll admit I have OCD and well items being in their proper place is one of the big items I struggle with. Like my closet. All my cloths are separate. Shirts, pants etc. But, it does not stop there. Next they’re separated by seasons. Summer at one end of my closet and winter the other. Good/dress cloths are separate from work cloths. Trust me when I say you do not want to get me started on my rhyme or reason also why I do the things I do. I just do. I’m good with it but others… well not always so much. Second is when I want something done. That normally means soon and on time. Oh and let’s add done the right way the first time.

As my grandmother would say. I’m a goose. Geese are set in their ways.

Summing it up. I’m really not big on change so new projects that have to do with my everyday life. I over think it every-time.

Working on my blog, starting new projects. I LOVE. I always get super excited! I love this job and it has been a challenge during the past year but, in the end. I still love my job!

Now it’s your turn. How do you feel about starting new projects?


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