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Tips to Help You Protect Your Family During Flu Season

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Parents guide to flu season

Did you know the 2012 – 2013 flu season had the highest recorded rates of pneumonia and influenza cases recorded in nearly a decade. I’ve been going over the facts sheet by Elizabeth Pantley, bestselling author of The No-Cry Solution for tip on how to prevent my family and myself from contracting the flu this year.

As most of you know I’m prone to contracting illness quickly and often. Let’s take a list of the do’s and don’ts and find the items listed I can improve upon to lessen our chanced of contracting the flu.

The flu is a contagious decease and easily passed among children. Children are 2 – 3 times more likely than adults to contract the flu since they have developing immune systems. More young children go to the hospital because of flu complications than any other vaccine-preventable disease.

When one family member contracts the flu, it can quickly spread to other members in the family and those you are in contact with, thus effecting the entire family. Did you know you can spread the flu to others from up to 6 feet away. When you or your child is sick; you should stay home to help prevent spreading the disease.

A, B, C’s of Flu Prevention

Here are 3 easy way to help you keep you, your family and community (think classroom, extended family, anyone you may come in contact with while you’re contagious) flu-free.

A – Annual Vaccination: the first most important step.

1. Find a location that offers flu vaccine in your area; http://flushot.healthmap.org.

2. Ask about the types of flu vaccines; such as nasal spray or shot.

3. Get vaccinated each and every year.

B – Be Healthy Handed: wash your hands correctly.

1. Wet your hands with clean water.

2. Lather with soap for 20 seconds (sing a little song or nursery rhyme).

3. Rinse and dry your hands with a clean towel or air dryer.

C – Capture the Germs: catch them in a tissue.

1. Use a tissue to catch your cough or sneeze.

2. Throw it away immediately.

3. Wash your hands (yes, every time).

Track flu activity in your area by using your smartphone. Download the CDC’s FluView app.

Last years flu season began earlier than expected and lasted longer than is normal; for more tips on how to protect  your family during flu season. Download a copy of A Parents Guide to Flu Season by Elizabeth Pantley; which includes a check list.

flu MC

I believe according to the list above I’m performing everything except, I do need to check into receiving a flu shot, and  soon. I wouldn’t want a repeat of last years event (illness running through our home) to happen again this year. I do know for a fact some of the grandchildren have received the flu mist so it’s now time for grandma LeahSay to help prevent the spread of the flu in our family by getting my shot.

Have you received your flu shot this year?

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