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Halloween the 60’s – Today on Throwback Thursday #tbt

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This week my memories are taking me down the lane to… Halloween!

When I was little I remember our large extended family walking door to door in our small town. Moms would stand on the sidewalk while 20+ children tried to vie for a foot hold on the front porch of a city local. Do you remember this costumes with the plastic masks; big eye holes and a tiny spot for you to catch a breath. They were so stinking hot! I was always a tall girl for may age at any age. One year I had the choice to wear a hand me down costume or make my own. Well, let’s start with the bottoms that was supposed to reach near my ankles were almost to my knees and the top didn’t meet up with the bottom in the tummy area either. From that moment on I was a firm believer in DIY Halloween costumes.

I wore a Bewitched costume several years in a row. I have an old B&W photo of my grandmother wearing the mask and her eyes are glowing from the flash. :)

Bewitched Costume

Photo Credit: bewithcvic.tripod.com

bewitched costume

Photo Credit: bewithcvic.tripod.com


Then I started thinking about my children’s costumes over the years. When they are little they are so sweet and cuddly and you just adore them in costume…. Then the Teen years hit and it’s blood, guts and things that go {insert chainsaw noise} in the night.

Here are a few pictures of my children over the years.

Halloween family grandchildren children

The two boy’s on the right are my oldest. Hard to believe how much time has passed since this picture.

Halloween family grandchildren children

I worked my fingers off making the costumes the children have on in this picture. Puppy, top left (yes, you would think skunk, but he wanted a black and white puppy). Then we have handmade chaps on the right . The oldest son is holding my youngest daughter. Then my oldest daughter is wearing a homemade gypsy costume. We had read a book or watched a movie with gypsy’s a few weeks before Halloween that year. My middle daughter was missing from this picture. By the way cameras have come a long way since the day that picture was taken!

Halloween family grandchildren children

I believe this is the ONLY picture I own where all five of my children are together in a Halloween picture. I had to do a double take on the oldest son (sitting down in the top right) he is missing a tooth. Made me smile because today his oldest son is missing both of his front teeth. :)

Halloween family grandchildren children

Back in the day when schools still had Halloween parties. Middle daughter agreed to wear her grandmas pjs, but no makeup. She’s the clown in white (you can’t see the tiny polka dots).

Halloween family grandchildren children

Same year and at the same school as above. My youngest daughter is a rodeo clown, she opted for make up. These two girls are 13 months apart in age.

That brings us up to tonight; two families stop by tonight during their busy evening. My oldest granddaughter and her baby brother came down earlier in the week.

Halloween family grandchildren children

Above is my youngest daughter and her husbands children. Next year she will have a new little one to take trick or treating.

Halloween family grandchildren children

Above are my oldest son and his wife’s two children.

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