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Winter-Sowing in the Ozarks Throwback Thursday #tbt

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This week my memories are taking me down the lane to gardening!

It’s true what they say time does march on and it doesn’t give a fig if you can keep up or not. 😉 Over the years I developed a love of gardening, but my gardening tastes run more toward flowers for the most part. For me when my legs were healthy and I could crawl around on the ground; I’d spend hours outdoors each day along with most of the weekend, weather permitting.

I fell in love with winter-sowing; what is winter-sowing you say… Well let’s take a look at what good ole Wikipedia has to say on the subject.

Winter sowing is a method of starting seeds outdoors in winter. This is generally done with seeds that require a period of cold stratification. The method takes advantage of natural temperatures, rather than artificially refrigerating seeds.”

“Winter sowing involves sowing seeds in a miniature greenhouse outside during winter, allowing them to germinate in spring. Users of this method have had success in most hardiness zones.”

Now I found the following sites to be a wealth of information when I was first starting and the people in the garden forum are most helpful. The WinterSown.org is where I found the basic information that fueled my desire to learn more.

Next, after several searches I come upon the mother-load of winter-sowing information, along with tips and tricks the forum members have each learned along the way. I live in zone 6, but rightfully I could be consider a cooler zone or even a dryer zone, depending upon our Ozark winter (which is fickle at best). The Winter Sowing forum located on the GardenWeb.com delivered my push into taking the plunge and sowing flower and garden seeds in Dec. Yes, you read correctly Dec. Once you’ve set up an account you can then dig a little deeper in the forums such as a group dedicated to your zone, home repair and one of my favorites…. Seed Trading!

Do you enjoy gardening. Are you a hard-core, plant a half-acre gardener or a putter around because it makes you feel good type of gardener. Veggies, flowers or a combinations of the two.

My first winter-sowing attempt looked like this beginning in April – May.

winter sowing flowerbed3

winter sowing flower bed

By mid summer I was enjoying the fruits of my labor.

winter sowing flowerbed

One of my favorite things about winter-sowing is… I can sow seeds for perennials and they perform far better than the plants I could pick up at the local big box store.

winter sowing flowerbed5 winter sowing flowerbed2 winter sowing flowerbed4

Several of the plants I’d chosen re-seeded over the winter and popped their little green heads out of the soil just as spring arrived. Exactly as the grand design in nature performs without my help. 😉

winter sowing flowerbed1

As you can see my flowerbeds were overflowing by the end of summer; and can you believe it, I kicked it up a notch the following year 🙂

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Let’s enjoy a stroll down memory lane, truly the options are endless.

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