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My Blooper Moment… Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up!

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It’s Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up!

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Join Us Weekly as We Add a New Stroll Down Memory Lane to Our Weekly Throwback Thursday Link Up.

This week my memories are taking me down the lane to stepping out of my comfort zone here in the Ozarks during Throwback Thursday.

As you can see this picture is from back in the 90’s when I was in my 30’s. We were dressed up for a charity dance event, I can’t recall the cause but the memories of the evening are still with me to this day. Mostly because of the fun and camaraderie of our friends gathering to help raise money for the evening. Secondly because I stepped a little further than my norm into the world of dress up. Yes, I’ve always been one of those who “feels” as though others are examining my every move just waiting for me to slip up and toss it back at me. I know, I know. You have far better things to do with your time than stalk me for a blooper moment, but I can’t seem to shake the feeling even at the ripe ole age of 50.

Me PTF at Dance

I’ll tell you the second reason this event stands out in my memory is because of a blooper moment in front of half the town of Joplin, MO.

I had been dancing to the tunes of the 60’s with different members of our group sitting at our large table together. Then a young man asked me to dance that was not from the group sitting at our table. Which was fine. We started for the dance floor and then he nudged me toward the stage area that apparently was sitting with in view of EVERYONE in the room (funny how they place the stage strategically like that). By the time we reached the stage a slow song had began playing. Well I raised my arms to place around the young mans shoulders and we proceeded to dance and talk until the song ended. Keep in mind my back was toward the crowed room the entire time we were dancing. He was a gentleman and walked my back to join my group of friends and thanked me for the dance. As I was sitting down I happened to notice everyone from our group was looking at me. So I blurted out “What?”. I started getting giggles, men covering the smiles on their faces and one lady was laughing so hard someone had to smack her on the back. Friend: “Um…. so you were having a nice time dancing”. Me; “yes, why?”. Friend: “Well… while you were up on the platform you raised up your arms”. Me; “yes..”. Friend; “Um-mm… well we could see your panties and a bit of lovely bum cheek”. Me; “WHAT?”. Friends started going into detail about the fact that since my dress was super, super short; that when I raised my arms to place upon his shoulders I was basically giving the whole of Joplin and my fellow work friends along with their spouses a free view of my bum! So now that you are enjoying a good ole chuckle or belly laugh on me. Now you know why I always have this nagging feeling someone is watching me for the latest Ozark blooper moment!

Link up and share a funny moment in your life!

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Let’s enjoy a stroll down memory lane; maybe a family vacation or a wonderful food from your childhood. Truly the options are endless.

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