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The Young Scientists Club Summer Fun with The Magic School Bus Kit #ad #TYSclub

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 Summer fun for children, through The Young Scientists Club and The Magic School Bus™ Growing Crazy Crystals Kit.

I received my Magic School Bus™ kit at no charge in exchange for my review, through KidStuffPR.*

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Children are inquisitive and The Young Scientists Club kits will help young minds develop, while finding the answers they seek.

The Young Scientists Club Homeschool Science Kit LeahSay's Views 3

Introduce children as young as 5 to the world of science, with everyday items that can be found in most kitchen cupboards, such as salt, baking soda and flour.

The well know characters for The Magic School Bus™ guide children on a journey creating and observing crystals, rock candy and more. Mr. Frizzle, their eccentric third grade teacher, spearheads all of the crystal capers in this colorful kit that includes and observation chart, tweezers, brushes, magnifying glass, petri dishes, measuring cup and more.

The Young Scientists Club Homeschool Science Kit LeahSay's Views  2

The simple at-home experiments included with the science kit are spelled out in a delightful instruction booklet will introduce elementary school-aged children to basic concepts in chemistry, physics, geology and mathematics. Plus their home-grown crystals are beautiful. Young scientists will discover that creating crystals are as much are as they are science. As Ms. Frizzle often says, “dynamic deduction.”

The Young Scientists Club Homeschool Science Kit LeahSay's Views 4

The Young Scientists Club’s Subscription Kits are mailed monthly to thousands of children around the nation and the company’s retail kits are sold in hundreds of specialty stores. All of their kits have been very hot seller in the Amazon STEM store. For more information about The Young Scientists Club or The Magic School Bus™.

The Young Scientists Club Homeschool Science Kit LeahSay's Views 5

“We received The Magic School Bus Growing Crazy Crystals kit to use and review. We are a homeschooling family and buy kits like this one every so ofter; however, this is our first Magic School Bus kit.”

“The kids were excited to open the box and get started. They are 7 and 8 years old. We have done a few things with crystals before, so they somewhat expected what would happen.”

“We started with the most simple experiment, which was to just freeze water in a petri dish, then examine the ‘crystals’ that form on the outside. They liked doing this, but it wasn’t that exciting, just because we have seen this in everyday life before. We decided to try the experiment with growing crystals on pieces of charcoal, which was included in the kit.”

“It was very easy to do mix everything up, then let it sit for a few days, they recommend 4, but we actually took these pictures 2 weeks after performing the experiment. There are a lot of neat colors that show up, and a ton of tiny crystals, but once again we weren’t ‘WOWED”.”

“We haven’t done any other experiments from the kit, we did read through them and actually only 1 other looked pretty neat: growing your own crystal rock candy. We will try this one soon, but it’s one of those that takes a few days of patience after mixing it together.”

“Thank you for letting us review this product. I am still interested in other kits by The Magic School Bus, and hope to try those in the future.”

The Young Scientists Club Homeschool Science Kit LeahSay's Views 6

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This event has been canceled by the sponsor due to the fact we were not able to give the product an A+ review.

I will be not be reviewing for KidStuffPR in the future. I will not post a glowing review if the product is lacking, that is the point of a review. I will not change my review in order to make a company look good. This is misleading. Not every product is a good fit for everyone.


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