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The Boys Have Discovered @modarri_cars Build and Play, Then REBUILD and Play Again!

Modarri cars 3-pack

After a double take of the cute Modarri cars in the picture about I found myself asking “What is Modarri”. The Ultimate toy car experience.

Real mechanics – With the combination of patented steering system, real suspension, tight turning radius, and finger sized bucket seat, you can actually drive them like no other car. You can literally feel the road beneath your finger tips.

Finger drive – With one finger in the seat, you can whip the car in tight figure 8’s, do slalom racing, spin in a circle, make your own course and do time trials, drive over obstacles, with two fingers you can drift, jumps, 180 spin outs, invent your own tricks, because then possibilities are endless.

I recently received a free set of three Modarri cars, for review through KidStuffPR.*

Modarri Race Cars  Toy 1  LeahSay's Views

Team Modarri loves cars and can often be found surfing the net for awesome card designs, from muscle cars, race cars, toy cars and concept cars, playing with their children’s cars and adding to their car collection. They hope that you will never really “grow up” if it means not having cool cars.

There is a high quantity of “toss out” toys on the market with closed pattern play. They have had success in creating beautiful toys that parents don’t mind lying around when company arrives, and has a strong open ended play value to help children think and explore.

Modarri Dirt Race Cars  Toy Sq  LeahSay's Views

I received the combo 3 pack Modarri cars, featuring the S1, T1, and X1, which can be built and re built over and over with an endless combination, which adds to the fun and learning experience for your child.

Each Modarri kit includes a hex tool, and orange racing cones.

Modarri cars are rates for ages 8 and up, due to small parts, and a bit of coordination using the hex tool.

Modarri 3-Pack Race Cars  Toy  LeahSay's Views

When Popular Science roamed the halls of Toy Fair last year, they could not take their eyes off the first-time exhibitor Modarri and its sleek miniature cars. The new toy concept was to have kids and grown ups alike, play with all the pieces by building, taking apart and rebuilding a completely different car with a fresh new look, with a real suspension. Popular Science awarded them “Best Toy in Show” months before the company ever sold one at a retail store. Skip to one year later, Modarri is now the latest winner in the Spring 2015 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, with fans saying the company hit the nail on the head with its offerings.

All the possibilities of childhood pleasures are tucked into these sleek, durable and functional action packed educational toys. Because the pieces are mode to mix and match, there are millions of combinations that can be engineered fi you were to purchase each of the seven Modarri car models.

Steering and Suspension video:

Disassembly video:

Blogger who got to test drive the cars in 2014 could not stop gushing. “Boys love toy cars. And, when you have little boys whose dad builds custom cars, that interest in doubled. Not to mention, their expectation for realism. This is where Modarri Toy Cars come in,” gleefully wrote Home Grown Families. These cars are fully customizable. “They can mix and match the parts and accessories any way they’d like. When a car guy is jealous oaf his son’s toy cars you know the company is doing something right!”

Cars Toy Modarri LeahSays Views Buddy2

Buddy and I decide to give Modarri a whirl just before bedtime, on an evening he was having a sleepover at grandma LeahSay’s house.

Buddy said he loves the “fun design, colors and interchangeable parts, and this is way cooler than the cars I normally play with!”

He did have a little trouble when we first opened the box for the first time, getting the hex screws to move. I gave it a twist, and then he was on his way to hours of fun. (sort of like asking someone to open the pickle jar).

I really LOVE the fact the hex screws were/are retainer screws. Which means the screw is secured to the wheel, suspension etc, and I won’t be sucking up small screws in my high dollar vacuum or stepping on said screws when I head through the house in the middle of the night, (thats a BIG plus as far as I’m concerned).

Buddy and PawPaw were soon zippy the cars around on the hard wood floor and racing them across the room.

I feel this would perhaps make a fun travel toy for children ages 8 and up, as it help buddies attention for quite a while and the cars and parts would fit nicely into a small bag.

I give Modarri a big thumbs up for creative play and well built construction. Buddy seems pleased with the Modarri set and has already asked about other Modarri cars that are available at Modarri.com.

YOU can save 10% off on your next purchase with code: SAVE10 at check out.

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Modarii 6 toy car set


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