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Winner Announced! Technogel Pillow- Sleeping in Comfort – Review – Giveaway ends 8/15

What is Technogel?

Technogel is the greatest comfort experience. Technogel is the material of which dreams are made: a unique soft-solid polyurethane gel that through the years has been used for different and creative applications. Technogel is the most adaptive, flexible, and incredible material you have ever experienced, which moves like the water, having memory the shape of a solid body. For this reason Technogel is considered the quintessence of comfort. Thanks to its chemical and physical properties, Technogel has supported the realization of creative products, design objects, artworks, comfort solutions, and exclusive furniture, until becoming a pure lifestyle approach: the “Smooth Living” philosophy. 

Technogel pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect match for your sleeping comfort.

Each of the 6 shapes and features of the Technogel pillow.

Classic: Recommended for those who prefer low height pillows. Suggested for those who sleep mainly on their back or who have medium to small body conformation.

Deluxe: Recommended for those who prefer thick pillows. Suggested for those who sleep primarily in lateral position or who have a medium to large body conformation.

Anatomic: Recommended for those suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain. It provides excellent support and muscle relaxation. Suggested for those who sleep primarily on their sides or on their back.

Contour: Recommended for those suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain. Suggested for those who sleep primarily on their back or prefer not to have any push-back on the shoulder.

Travel Pillow: Suggested for all types of travelers that want to experience a good night’s sleep away from their own bed. Technogel Travel Pillow is the ideal companion to bring everywhere.

Travel Collar: The Travel Collar is the ideal companion for any journey where the support of an ergonomically shaped pillow helps to relieve the stress and strain of traveling.

  • Pressure relief
  • Cooling effect
  • Ergonomic support
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Washable cover
  • Memory foam base
  • Made in Italy


You can follow and Technogel online at the following links: Facebook Technogel – Twitter @technigel

I received a Technogel pillow to facilitate my review. All opinions are solely my own.*

The day the new Technogel pillow arrived, I walked out to greet the delivery person. When he handed it to me I almost dropped it. Because I was expecting a “pillow” (light weight box). The entire time I was opening the carton I kept thinking to myself, “This pillow is so heavy I will feel like I’m sleeping upon a rock. How will I ever be able to post a review about a rock for a pillow.”

That night I went to bed, ready to test the new Technogel pillow out. However, feeling I was about to have the worst nights sleep ever. Yes, I’m a big baby when it comes to sleep. I NEED it, I CRAVE it. Without it… YOU do not want to be around me.

Funny thing… I slept right through the night (rare thing indeed for me). Seriously, no tossing, no turning, no waking up to “punch the pillow into conformity”. Just a great nights sleep. I mentioned just yesterday, that I’ve slept later in the mornings and I feel it’s all due to sleeping sound. Not tossing around trying to find a better position for my pillow.

The other really great thing is. I have a tendency to become hot while I sleep. Therefore, I normally turn my pillow over several time per night, seeking the cool side of the pillow. Not once have I even attempted to turn this Technogel pillow over during the night. Yeah!

Overall I give this pillow a HUGE thumbs up! I would recommend to family and friends.

Technogel is giving one lucky Passport To Frugal reader the opportunity to win a Technogel Pillow of their choice.

In order to enter for your chance to win you will need to visit the “On the Road Again Giveaway Hop”. NOTE** The link will not open until July 27th at midnight EST.

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facts and pictures taken from technogelsleep*

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