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Are You a Tech Junkie, Do You Need a Tech Time Out? #Sponsored

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When I was first approached about my “tech time” and perhaps unplugging for a minimum of one hour per day for a 2-4 day stretch I thought sure, not a problem. Well you know what, I quickly found out it’s not “OK” to just unplug at any given moment. Well, actually it’s OK. I just personally had withdrawals, more or less like a big ole druggie. You heard me. I had serious issues with being unplugged for more than an hour and even the insubstantial amount of an hour; that’s like what 2 cartoons (that’s how my grandson tells time) or for myself it would equal preparing our evening meal. I found this difficult, because I normally have my smart phone in the kitchen with me so I’m alerted when a new business email arrives or if one of my blog tweets has been re-tweeted, I hear a little chime. Hey, I like knowing when my email arrives or my granddaughter texts me a message.

As you can see from the pic below, I normally have my computer and smart phone going almost 24/7.

cell computer

I actually found the most convenient time for me to go cold turkey was in the evening when I’m tired. I turned off my computer, cell and didn’t answer the house phone either during this “tech time out”.

How do you deal with too much tech time? Does your family have a set time for you and your family members to unplug, turn off and partake in other activities such as family meal time or after 8 PM?

As you can see from the great list shown below, we could each benefit for shutting down for “tech time out” a least an hour a day.


Think of the things we; OK I could accomplish in an hours time without some part of my brain telling me I NEED to check my tech device. I could read more with my grandchildren or maybe perform one deep cleaning chore per day; maybe even start sorting out the boxes of family pictures that’s been on my to-do list for; well years.


Take action download the form above and then take the Tech Time Out Family Challenge, and visit the TechTimeout.com web site to find out more.

Make a game of it; keep track of how each family member uses their timeout and then decide who used their time in the most creative or useful way once per week.

This will be an ongoing challenge for myself; some days will be in the early morning others in the late evening. This week I plan on performing a few extra household chores throughout the week in anticipation for our fall family gathering.

Leave me a comment an let me know how you deal with tech overload.

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