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Saving Money for…. Holiday, Home Repair, Vacation or…. {part 3)

My Summer Vacation Savings Plan

How Many of You Are on a Tight budget {insert ME raising my hand}.

How Many of You Would Like to Save a Little Cash for a Rainy Day, Mini Vacation, New Glasses or What Ever Your Heart Desires.

Part 3: I’m re-posting since we can not leave comments after 30 days on the old post.

I’ve seen the “money jar” saving plan floating around all over the net for several weeks now, you may have see it as well. After mulling this over I’ve finally I decided (self “you can do this”).

The basic principle is putting a set amount of cash into a jar (any ole jar or container will work) every week for 52 weeks. At the end of 52 weeks (if you follow the laid out guidelines) you should have $1,378.00 to spend on anything your heart desires. Sound good? I thought so too.

The standard lay out below starts with $1.00 on the first week. You will continue add to your jar with the amount increasing up to $52.00 on the final week.

I was thinking… the final payments during the last two months might be difficult or ignored because each payment will fall during the holidays. An we know everyone spends money during the holidays, along with the fact seriously who will fulfill these obligations during those weeks. I know in my heart if my grandchild mentions they desire a certain gift during this time frame. Grandma will be spending the money to bring a smile to their face and not adding large sums of cash into the savings jar. Maybe starting at the bottom of the list with week number 52 (pretend like your counting down until the final payment), paying in $52.00 the first week and then working my way up the list until I’m paying $1.00 on “my” final week.

Here’s another option. Print off the chart and then add the most amount of money you can on any said week. The marking your print off with a star or pencil a line through the amount you paid each week. This would be great for those whom have a very tight budget. Maybe at the first of the month you have very little cash to add into you new savings jar. However at the end of the month you have a little more spendable/saveable cash on hand.

We can each find the perfect solution for our needs. Remember you need to choose the right savings plan for you and your budget. An if you fall off the savings train, just jump right back on and try to make up any forgotten payments.

Some of you may even be able to start more than one jar, this would be great but don’t forget. If you should over extend yourself, don’t stop adding to your jar completely. Just jump back in and try to catch up any missed contributions if you can. If not that is fine too.

PTF Savings Jar

I started my saving jar last week. Each week I will come back to this post and mark the payment I’ve made helping me to keep track and hold me accountable for my actions toward my saving jar. How many of you would like to join the savings train fun or maybe you’ve already started your own savings jar and would like to share your success or set backs with us so we can help support each other.

I would also like to toss this idea out there. I’ve been adding all the loose change I have at the end of each week into my jar along with my cash. I’m not keeping record of the coins at this point. I think this will bump up my saving a bit at the end of the year and I’ll never miss it. Especially the added weight from my billfold.

Week – Deposit Amount – Account Balance

  1. $1.00 = $1.00
  2. $2.00 = $3.00
  3. $3.00 = $6.00
  4. $4.00 = $10.00
  5. $5.00 = $15.00
  6. $6.00 = $21.00
  7. $7.00 = $28.00
  8. $8.00 = $36.00
  9. $9.00 = $45.00
  10. $10.00 = $55.00
  11. $11.00 = $66.00
  12. $12.00 = $78.00
  13. $13.00 = $91.00
  14. $14.00 = $105.00
  15. $15.00 = $120.00
  16. $16.00 = $136.00
  17. $17.00 = $153.00
  18. $18.00 = $171.00
  19. $19.00 = $190.00
  20. $20.00 = $210.00
  21. $21.00 = $231.00
  22. $22.00 = $253.00
  23. $23.00 = $276.00
  24. $24.00 = $300.00
  25. $25.00 = $325.00
  26. $26.00 = $351.00
  27. $27.00 = $378.00
  28. $28.00 = $406.00
  29. $29.00 = $435.00
  30. $30.00 = $465.00
  31. $31.00 = $496.00
  32. $32.00 = $528.00
  33. $33.00 = $561.00
  34. $34.00 = $595.00
  35. $35.00 = $630.00
  36. $36.00 = $666.00
  37. $37.00 = $703.00
  38. $38.00 = $741.00
  39. $39.00 = $780.00
  40. $40.00 = $820.00
  41. $41.00 = $861.00
  42. $42.00 = $903.00
  43. $43.00 = $946.00
  44. $44.00 = $990.00
  45. $45.00 = $1,035.00
  46. $46.00 = $1,081.00
  47. $47.00 = $1,128.00
  48. $48.00 = $1,176.00
  49. $49.00 = $1,225.00
  50. $50.00 = $1,275.00
  51. $51.00 = $1,326.00
  52. $52.00 = $1,378.00

Instead of marking on the list above each week as I make my jar deposit, I will note in the comments below.

How many of you will make the commitment to join me on the money savings train? Let’s fill those jars!

As you can see I posted this on week 9 of the 2013 calendar. I’ve caught up my amount needed for the 9 weeks and exceeded my goal (and this is not counting my coins added). Since I was able to catch up. I will now begin marking each week so I will be finished by the week by December 31, 2013.

You know I was just thinking, if you are a BIG Black Friday Shopper. Catching your jar up to co-inside with the week before Black Friday Sale begin would be pretty sweet!


3/6/13 – How many of you were able to contribute to your money jar this week? I did and it feels great! Join us on the money saving train!

3/14/13 – I was once again able to add cash into my money saving jar and let me tell you if feels nice; knowing I have a little something sitting in that pretty blue jar all nice and tidy just waiting for a rainy day.

3/22/13 – Were you able to add a little something into your money saving jar this week? I was, however only the $1. amount. Very tight money week around here this week. So Hopping next week I’ll be back on track with a larger amount. Since I’m planing on adding smaller amount as the holiday’s approach.

4/8/13 – Has everyone been able to stick with your desired savings plan?
I deviate from mine two weeks ago. I wanted to pick up all of my bedding plants for my new flower bed and veggie patch.
So Now that I’m finished with those purchases I’m made up the difference (the least amount) and now I’m back on track.
How are you fairing? Feel free to share your ups and downs.

4/17/13 – Here we are at week 16 or maybe you started you jar after the first of the year. I’ve been able to add to mine each week. Some weeks not as much as I would like; however I’m counting it as a win because this is just for our benefit and it’s in our control. If you’ve missed a few weeks, just jump back on the savings train!

4/25/13 – Once again contributing a small amount into my saving jar. But I am add to the fund so it’s all good!

4/30/13 – I will not be adding to my savings jar this week. I will be purchasing clothing for my mother to wear to her grandsons wedding. So I’m not the least bit disappointed in not adding to my jar this week.

5/8/13 – I will make up for not adding last week with 2 small deposits this week. Yeah!

5/14/13 – This week I’m adding $100. Because, after being sick for so long, I’ve truly not purchased ANY groceries in the past 3 weeks. So I’m adding most of the grocery fund from that period. Yeah!

5/24/13 – Week #21 (I’m only on week #21 because I made up the difference after starting so late in the year). Holiday weekend! I’m only stashing $10 in my jar this week. Grandma needed to pay up! Three granddaughters with birthdays this month. 😉

5/31/13 – Week #22 Back on track this week with a bigger deposit than I had originally planed. Yeah me!

6/5/13 – Week #23 Great feeling to be adding to my vacation stash again this week!

6/13/13 – No deposit this week I’m spending my extra cash and then some on new clothes for my Chicago trip. I’m looking at this as an investment in myself. I will need dress clothes for future blogging events. At least I hope I will.

6/17/13 – I will be making a withdraw from my saving jar for my mini vacation while on business in Chicago. So happy I had set this money aside for just this purpose!


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