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Purex Back 2 School Dirt Lift Sweepstakes! exp 8/30.

Purex back to school win

Yeah! It’s Time for a Purex Sweepstakes!

Now that the children are back in school that means it time for the sent in stains to hit laundry hamper across America. Little Tommy dropped a mustard in his new white shirt. Sister Susie spilled a carton of juice on her new fall skirt. That means moms everywhere are reaching for Dirt Lift Action Purex!

I’ve found that by pouring Purex detergent directly onto the stain and then letting the clothing sit in the hamper until I’m ready to wash. Almost 99% of the stains my family picks up is removed upon the first trip through the wash!

Enter the Back 2 School Dirt Lift Sweepstakes for a chance (One Winner) to WIN $1,000. PLUS a Year’s Supply of Purex with Dirt Lift Action Detergent.

Sweepstakes ends August 30th!

See site for complete rules.


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