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White Cheddar Potato Soup and Johnny Cakes Recipe

 potato soup Johnny cake

This weeks recipe is Cheddar Potato Soup with Johnny Cakes aka Pan Fried Cornbread.


Potatoes, I used russet potatoes.


Onion finely diced (I normally use ¼ cup)

White Cheddar Whisk Bliss

Chicken Bouillon

Salt and pepper to taste.

I started out by peeling and chopping 8 potatoes, once rinsed I placed my potatoes in an extra-large deep skillet. I don’t know why I decide upon this pan 😉 I placed enough water to cover my potatoes in the pan and then turned the heat to med-high and tossed in a round of salt. I allowed this to cook until my potatoes were “knife test” done; when I insert a thin blade knife into the potatoes the knife inserts easily. At this point the water has boiled down to about ¾ of what I’d started out with so I’m guessing maybe 2-3 cup remain.

At this point, I place my onions in the pan along with 2 tbsp of Shirley J Chicken Bouillon, which I’ve mixed in with ¼ c of water to ensure a lump-free soup base.

While this is cooking, I place 1 cup of cold water in my “gravy jar” and mix in ½ cup of Shirley J White Cheddar Whisk Bliss for every cup of water you have in your pan simmering along with the ¼ of water you are using to pre-mix your soup base. Example, I believe I have about 3 and ¼ cups of water total; thus I will need 1 and ½ cups of White Cheddar Whisk Bliss along with 1 extra tbsp. If in the end you have a soup that is too thick simply add water until you reach the desired thickness or add one tbsp of Whisk Bliss (don’t forget to mix with water before adding into you pan).

Allow this to cook uncovered until the white cheddar potato soup reached the desired thickness and all the flavors become happy.

potato soup

While the soup is simmering and thickening, let’s whip up a quick side of Johnny Cakes. For this, I use Martha White Buttermilk Cornbread and Muffin Mix.

I use a small bowl with a spout for ease of use while pouring into the skillet. I mix the package according to direction with the exception of, adding 1 tbsp of olive oil and a good pinch of white sugar. Once your mix is ready, heat a small non-stick skillet to med heat, place a dab of butter in the pan and give is a swirl to coat the bottom of the pan, then quickly add about ⅓ cup of cornbread batter into the hot skillet, give the skillet a little shake to spread the batter out a bit. Cook in the same manner you would flap-jacks. Once the Johnny Cakes start to dry/bubble along the edges, using a small spatula flip your Johnny Cakes, continue to cook until a golden color on both sides. Remove the finished cake and place in a bowl with a lid to help hold in the heat until ready to serve. Each box makes “about” 6 Johnny Cakes.

Serve your White Cheddar Potato Soup with a bit of shredded cheese, bacon crumbles or your favorite topping. Serve your Johnny Cakes with a dab of butter and maybe a drop of honey.

potato soup Johnny cake

Gravy jar*, I keep an old wide mouth jar with lid in my cabinet to premix my gravy and sauces to ensure they are lump free every time. I learned this trick from my mother-in-law Jean.

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