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Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy Recipe Tasty Tuesday Link Up!

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This weeks recipe is: Pork Chops with Mushroom Gravy.


2 – Tbsp olive oil

4 – fresh pork chops

sea salt and pepper

4 – cups of water

1 – cup of Shirley J Whisk Bliss

1 – can of chopped mushrooms, drained, fresh would be better but fresh mushrooms is not something I keep on hand.

Pork Chops Mushroom Gravy Shirley J Recipe

The first thing I like to do is lightly salt and pepper both sides of my chops and let sit while I gather the rest of my ingredients.

Now place a large skillet on a burner and turn out 2 – Tbsps of olive oil in the bottom of your skillet. Turn your heat on medium. Once your skillet starts to heat, add your chops and brown on each side. You might want to make a small cut in the center of a chop to make sure they’re cooked through.

Now turn off the stove and remove the throughly cooked chops from the pan and set to the side for a few minutes. If you have more than a Tbsp of browning juice in the bottom of your pan, at this point remove some of it.

Pork Chops Mushroom Gravy Shirley J Recipe

Next add in 4 cups of water into your skillet along with one cup of Shirley J Whisk Bliss, along with your drained can of chopped mushrooms.

Turn the heat back on and set to medium heat and whisk well until combined; continue to whisk until your gravy starts to bubble and then in turn thickens. About 5 minutes.

Pork Chops Mushroom Gravy Shirley J Recipe

Once the mushroom gravy has thickened, turn the heat down to low. At this point you can place your cooked chops back into the pan of mushroom gravy.

Pork Chops Mushroom Gravy Shirley J Recipe

Place a lid over the pan and turn the heat down to very low at this point to keep your chops warm until you are ready to serve. It’s important you don’t leave the heat up too high or leave the chops in the pan to long, because gravy can scorch rather quickly. If in doubt, turn the heat all the way off and leave the lid on to hold in the heat.

Pork Chops Mushroom Gravy Shirley J Recipe

Now your ready to serve your pork chops with mushroom gravy to your family and friends. Simple dish taking maybe 30 minutes tops!

I received Shirley J Whisk Bliss to facilitate my review.*

Pork Chops Mushroom Gravy Shirley J Recipe

Whisk Bliss Original is THE Universal Cooking Base that will help YOU create creamy quick and delicious soups, sauces and gravy; enabling you to create countless dishes for your family. Simply add water and whisk!

Essentially, Whisk Bliss is a just add water cream sauce, also known as a béchamel sauce. Whisk Bliss can be used as a substitute for canned, condensed soups and in most recipes that start with butter, flour and cream or milk.

In the recipe above I’ve used ¼ cup of Whisk Bliss for every cup of water used. I love the large size bag, I can pull from my pantry when needed. The bag stands up and opens wide; allowing me to fill my measuring cup without a mess. My family enjoyed our mushroom gravy, so that alone will rate Shirley J a BIG thumbs up! I would like to try making Fettuccine Alfredo soon, which is one of my favorite meals. I could live on pasta and bread.

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Congratulations Jennifer and Happy Holidays from Shirley J and LeahSay’s Views!

Whisk Bliss Winner 12-19-13

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