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Pinterest Fail and Yummy Shirley J Pancakes


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This week’s recipe is Pancakes and my Pinterest FAIL.

If you are anything like myself you browse Pinterest and save those all inspiring recipe picture to a board marked Recipe or Things I can’t wait to try. Well, I saved a picture similar to the one shown below.

PInterest FAIL Pancakes with bacon cooked insideIf you’ve followed my blog for long you will know I have a love for BACON and well most of my family does as well. When I first glanced at a picture with bacon so rounded by fluffy pancakes waiting to be dipped into maple syrup, I was hooked.

Upon waking this past weekend I decide we ( my granddaughter and I) would try to recreate the pancake  bacon combo of my dream breakfast. Everything went as planned. The looked fun a fabulous right out of the pan and then… we started to cut into the tasty treat. BAMB they completely disintegrated. Once the syrup hit the pancake bacon combo the instantly start falling apart when you try cutting into them i.e. the bacon. The bacon cause the pancake to crumble into a mass of … gross. To awful to even photograph. Thankfully I still had plenty of pancake batter left so I whipped out a mountain of pancakes to feed the masses.

Shirley J Pancake Pancake Mix Shirley J Baking Mix Review Recipe


Shirley J Pancake and Waffle Mix

1 tsp of vanilla flavoring


(on occasion I like to add just a dash of nutmeg or maybe a spoon of pumpkin puree)

Mix water to pancake mix ratio according to the number of people you will be serving and or number of pancakes you will need. Then I add in 1 tsp of vanilla and stir well.

Heat your skillet on a med heat until nice and hot. I quickly rub a dab of butter around my nonstick skillet and then pour in my pancake batter. I prefer to make mine a little smaller for ease of flipping but also because the little ones prefer to pick up their pancakes and dip them in syrup instead of pouring the syrup directly on the pancakes. Yes, this really does make far less mess. Allow your pancake to develop a nice set of air bubble on the top and a dry edge around the outer edge of the pancake, you can pick up the edge of the pancake to check for a golden color until you start to feel more comfortable with judging the time to flip your pancakes. Once flipped they will only need to cook a minute or so on the back side and they will be done.

Remember, if your batter is too thick it will make heavy pancakes and they have a tendency to not cook all the way through.

I love to add peanut butter to my pancakes, but I was nice enough to wait until the picture was snapped before I did so.

Pancakes are truly a filling meal that can be whipped up in under 30 minutes and there not just for breakfast, enjoy!

Shirley J Pancake Pancake Mix Shirley J Baking Mix Review Recipe

I received Shirley J Pancake and Waffle Mix to facilitate my review.*

I found the Shirley J mix to be easy to work with and the flavor was spot on for old fashion pancakes like your grandmother used to make.

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