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Peter Rabbit Organic Pouches the Perfect Companion for On the Go Families!

Peter Rabbit Organics wants to make it easier for parents to feed their children healthy, organic food. They try to run their business as sustainably and ethically as possible, without compromising the quality and safety of the products.

The Peter Rabbit Organic Ingredients

Each of the pouches are packed full with 100% certified organic ingredients and make in Oregon. They never add additives, preservatives our any other unrecognized ingredients you wouldn’t use in your food at home.

Each puree flavor is tried and tested as well as ensure they use the best fruit an vegetables available. No salt our sugar is ever added at it would only run the natural taste.

The design of the pouch means there is no need for preservatives. Instead they add a little lemon juice concentrate to keep the purees fresh and tasting great.

Veggie blend flavors include:

Carrot, Squash and Apple

Pea, Spinach and Apple

Sweet Potato, Corn and Apple

Pumpkin, Carrot and Apple

Pear and Pea

Each veggie pouch contain 1 of your 5 a day servings.

Fruit snack flavors include:

Peach and Apple

Mango, Banana and Orange

Strawberry and Banana

Apple and Grape

Pear and Apple

Banana and Apple

Each pouches contains a full serving of fruit.

Peter Rabbit pouches are great for on the go families. Pop them in to a backpack, lunchbox, stroller bag keep handy during a car trip. The perfect quick and easy road trip snack.

Our family had the opportunity to try three flavors.

Strawberry and Banana, Peach and Apple and Carrots, Squash and Apple.

Granddaughter loved the Strawberry and Banana and the Peach and Apple. Seriously if was the funniest thing watching and listening to her eat the Peter Rabbit pouches. Slurping and all around mess making just because for the simple fact she could not figure out how to get slurp up the goodness fast enough. Now the Carrot, Squash and Apple she was not a big fan of. However I’m sure it is just like anything else each individual has their own taste preference. She would suck a little out, then her whole body would give a little shiver. She would then look at the pouch and yep try another taste with the same results. After a few shivering moments, she finally gave up. I have to give her points for trying and not just turning her nose up after one taste.

Over all the grandma gives Peter Rabbit Organics a big thumbs up. Great organic product, ease of use and great taste if little one is any indication.

I can envision the Peter Rabbit Organic Pouches being a big hit as stocking stuffer and trick our treat bags instead of the normal surgery fair.

Purchase at a store near you (locator) or shop through Amazon to be delivered to your door.

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