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A Peek Into the Past… Throwback Thursdays #tbt

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This week my memories are taking me down the lane to… me or rather tiny me; in the early 60′s.

I was born in Wisconsin, we have pictures of the snow being up to the bottom of the windows from drifting across the fields. One of my earliest memories is of my parents taking turns pulling my brother and myself on a runner sled while they wore snow shoes. Funny thing my father still owns that old pair of snow shoes.


Dad and I; a day at the lake. Funny how I love the water; I enjoy being near large bodies of water. When I’m having trouble falling asleep, I imagine I’m on a boat floating in the water, swaying with the water current.


Not sure where this one was taken. At first glance I would venture to say at a place called Buffalo Ranch in the edge of Oklahoma; which has now been replaced by a strip mall :(


Seriously do you see the curls in my hair on the far left. Light strawberry blonde that turned darker as I aged; well until I reached my late 30′s an it started turning grey. I wonder if my five children might have helped turn my hair grey prematurely… lol. Just as I’m sure I did to my own parents in turn.

Yep, cruising the side-walk in front or our farm-house in Wisconsin. I love the scar; seriously I really do. I enjoy vintage clothing; the clothing you wear speaks volume about the person and personality.


My grandfather is on the far left. Father in the center. Grandmother on the far right holding my middle brother “Mr.” Then we have my cousins; #1, #2, my oldest brother, #3 and his sister #4, then me (love that big bow) and my aunt. Yep that’s right my youngest aunt is only 4 years older them myself. Strange fact; I actually remember grandpa’s dogs name… pepper the weenie dog ;) The picture above was taken the year after we moved back to Missouri, near family. Our family is quite large. My father comes from a family with 7 siblings. My mother from a family with 16 siblings. I have 3 brothers. I married and had 5 children, whom in turn married and have blessed me with 8 grandchildren, with number 9 due in November. With the large number of cousins, we were never in need of a companion to stir up fun; or trouble :)

Thank you for taking a peek into my younger years #tbt.

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  1. Sierra Taienao

    What wonderful pictures you have. Those are really a treasure and you are very lucky to have them. Do you still have that curly hair? Very cute little dress too!

    1. LeahSay

      Thank you Sierra. Yes, I still have curly hair but not as curly. After chemo my hair came back less curly and darker auburn in color, which is now 100% grey, but I color it to prevent small children and animals from running in fear… :)

  2. Lisa Weidknecht

    I LOVE the Shirley Temple curls!!!! :)

    1. LeahSay

      Thank you Lisa. One of my three daughters hair is exactly like that and two of the granddaughters and a grandson as well. He’s not so fond of the curls; geez boys ;)

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