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Summer Nights in the Ozarks Throwback Thursday #Bloggers Link Up!

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It’s Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up!

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Join Us Weekly as we Add a New Stroll Down Memory Lane to Our Weekly Throwback Thursday Link Up.

This week my memories are taking me down the lane to summer nights in the Ozarks.

When I was in first grade I remember moving into the home that would be our childhood home until I reached the age of 15. My parents purchased a home from my grandparents. It was house except that it wasn’t a house. My grandfather was a bee keeper and he had used this home as his “honey house”; a place where he laid out the racks from the bee hives allowing the honey to slowly drip out of the bees wax aka honey comb. Now, honey comb was a special treat for the grandchildren. Grandpa would slice off a piece of honey comb filled with delicious fresh honey, that made you want to shove to the front of the line for a fresh slice of golden goodness.

Honey was a main stay in our families home; we used it in cooking, baking, as a sweeter for coffee, we always found a use for it. I can still in my minds eye see my grandpa grab up the refillable squeeze honey bottle and drizzle a couple of spoonfuls into his coffee mug. Honey was always on his dining-room table.


Photo by Pamela Gerard

He also produced vanilla extract in the same house. I remember using his vanilla even after I was married, until the supply ran out.

At some point in time, the honey house caught on fire. Later my parents purchased the honey house from my grandparents and had the entire house moved via trucks to its new location. Our family home on School St.

I can remember helping to “seal” the inside of the house with this awful silver colored paint. It seriously went on every surface to seal the smoke damage. I’m willing to bet if I was to visit my childhood home today; if you looked in the very back of the closets you would still be able to see this shiny silver paint.

I can remember the hot summer nights (pre air conditioner) with the window thrown open to allow the cool evening breeze to flow in and bringing with it the sweet scent of honeysuckle. The large honeysuckle vine grew on a fence just a stones toss from my window so I was doubly bless with the southern breeze and sweet fragrant honeysuckle gently blowing through my room each night. Now that’s something to dream about.

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What are some of your fondest memories as a small child?

Let’s enjoy a stroll down memory lane; maybe a family vacation or a wonderful food from your childhood. Truly the options are endless.

Throwback Thursday Rules located here.

Summer Nights in the Ozarks Throwback Thursday #Bloggers Link Up!


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