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Office Depot Foundation: Helping More Than 2 Million Children!

Since 2001, the Office Depot Foundation National Backpack Program has helped children boost their self-esteem and build their self-confidence by giving them essential tools to succeed in school.

In 2012, the Foundation is celebrating the 12th anniversary of this award-winning program by donation 400,000 sturdy, kid-friendly sack-pack to deserving kids across the United States and globally.

By the end of this year, Office Depot and the Office Depot Foundation will have donated more than 2.9 million backpack and sack-packs which have been characterized as “a symbol of hope” to children.

Some of us may take for granted that our child will have a new pack to carry to school each year. Others worry if they will have the actual items required for the new school year. That’s a big difference. The Office Depot Foundation is giving children the chance to start the school year with some of the items they will need to succeed.

In 2012 the Office Depot Foundation and Office Depot will donate about 400,000 sack-packs.

You would need about 8,000 school buses to hold all 400,000 children receiving sack-packs this year alone!

If you put all those sack-packs together, they would weigh as much a 14 African elephants or 100 Liberty Bells.

Did you know that if you stacked 200 boxes of sack-packs on top of each other, they would be as tall as the Statue off Liberty.

You would need 3,840 sack-packs to cover 1 mile. For the NASCAR FANS… It would take 5,760 sack-packs to go around the track at Atlanta Motor Speedway and 9,600 to circle the track at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

Each sack-pack the Foundation is donation in 2012 contains:

Enough Crayons to give one to every person in Philadelphia.

More that 85 miles of pens and pencils laid end-to-end.

About 11 tons of erasers, weighing in at roughly the same a 4 rhinoceroses!

To find out more about the Office Depot Foundation click here.


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