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Mrs. Fields Treats & Cookies: Today Only – Exclusive Halloween Sale!

Mrs. Fields: Today Only Halloween Deals!

I would so rather have a cookie than the umpteenth piece of candy in my Trick or Treat bag!

Visit the Mrs. Fields Facebook page for full Sale details.

  • Take 20% off site wide
  • Buy one get one Free A $20 savings
  • Buy one get one Free A $40 savings
  • *Only one discount can be used per order.
  • All discounts expire October 19th at midnight ET

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What was your favorite Treat when you were Trick or Treating growing up? What was your least favorite.

My favorite was the homemade treats! Back in the 60’s early 70’s when you found homemade treats in you goodie bag after taking the tour of our small town. Meant you had hit Trick or Treat Gold! I know homemade is not really a safe option now but in my day it was grand!

Least favorite was my father and his brothers conspiring via the telephone to put rocks (aka Charlie Brown Hey it was new back then) in my bag. I knew who had done it. But hey if it gave them some form of crazy Halloween fun… so be it.


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