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Missing LeahSay’s Views Posts and Your Favorites Pages Updates, Let Me Help You!


Are You Missing LeahSay’s Views Daily Facebook Updates and Posts? Which means you’ll miss out on the next big product review or even a chance to enter one of our sponsored product giveaways.

Let me help you fix this inconvenient problem.

Facebook has an option to help you decide the correct amount of posts that each business page (or friend) posts onto your news feed/wall.

When you hold your mouse arrow over the “liked” button next to a business page name and hover for a moment; you can then click on “settings”, then you will see 3 (three) options.


If you click “all updates” on your favorite pages you won’t miss out on an important update. You can also click “get notifications” which will cause a little red dot next to the globe icon at the top of your FB page to appear each time I make a new FB post.

Note this is also the way you can stop receiving game notices for all the games your friends might play that you do not. Simply un-check the game option in your friends settings. Also if you’ve received a game request, Go to the game feed section on the left had side of your FB page. Click on the tab out to the right of the request to NOT receive any more game request from your friend (you will need to do this for each person whom sends you a game requests). Then hit the block (name of game) game in blue under this selection.

Easy peasy right!

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I share not only my latest posts and comments, but those of fellow bloggers as well. Such as reviews, recipes, parenting tips, giveaways and sometimes sweepstakes.

Have a great week!


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