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Memories of My Grandmother in the Ozarks – Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up!

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It’s Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up!

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Join Us Weekly as We Add a New Stroll Down Memory Lane to Our Weekly Throwback Thursday Link Up.

This week my memories are taking me down the lane to my grandmother’s kitchens.

As a child growing up I can vividly remember watching both of my grandmothers while they were in the kitchen cooking. Any thing from after church Sunday pot-roast to heaping amounts of mashed potatoes; enough to feed 16 families. Yep that’s right we grow large families here in the Ozarks 😉 My mother is one of 16 children on my maternal grandmothers side of the family. My father is one of seven on my paternal grandmothers side of the family. Let me tell you this large group of cousins made for the absolute best partners in crime err… adventure; yeah that’s it. 😉

 I distinctly remember watching my maternal grandmother Ida peeling potatoes for extended periods of time. However one of the things I remember most about this experience was the fact she hardly left with any potato peels to toss out to the chickens after peeling this HUGE mound. She would wet the potato in a bowl of water and then take the sharp edge of a thin bladed paring knife and actually scrape the peel off the potato. NOT slice; scrape. I asked her why she peeled her potatoes this way instead of using a potato peeler and slicing off the skin. Her reply was, “because when you’re trying to stretch food to feed 18 hungry souls when times are hard. Every bite I toss into the chickens bucket is one less bite for a hungry soul.” I never remember seeing her ever use a measuring cup, just her hand. Tossing in a few hands full of this and that to make what ever she was cooking. She was definitely a meat and potatoes type of cook. “Fill their bellies and they will be happy.”

Now my paternal grandmother Mary, she would always measure everything. I remember if you seen her reach for the Pyrex measuring cup; it was a sure sign she was gathering things to mix up a cake or some sweet. On Sunday’s after attending the small church in our home town (sadly it’s now closed) the sons and daughters would gather at grandma’s and grandpa’s for Sunday lunch. She made pot-roast or casseroles quite often saying it stretches further when you have a few drop in for dinner. You could always count on some form of pie, cake or sweet sitting on the sideboard. I remember their love of vanilla wafers and Dr Pepper. My Aunt (only a few years older than myself) and my cousin watching Lawrence Welk program each week (in B&W long before they purchased a color TV), because grandma loved to dance. Funny how things like that stick in your mind, yet yesterdays lunch menu… I can’t recall. lol.

Link up your #tbt moments and memories or leave a comment!

Let’s enjoy a stroll down memory lane, truly the options are endless.

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