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Lot18: Free $10 Credit For New Members – Today’s Wine & Coffee Deal

Lot18 is a membership by invitation website for wine and epicurean products from coveted producers at attractive discounts. Members have access to some of the finest wines and specialty foods, made available in small quantities at extraordinarily low prices.

$0.00 Shipping Ends at Midnight Tonight!

*Check your credits to make sure they are not about to expire.

One of today’s fantastic Lot18 offers:

2005 Gann Family Alexander Valley Merlot Duo

2005 was a long, moderate season that encouraged even ripening of fruit throughout spring and summer. The moderate temperatures allowed for extended hang time as we weren’t battling heat spells and the resulting surge of Brix [a measure of sugar levels] that can force an early harvest before full flavors are achieved.

  • Merlot – Alexander Valley – Red Wine
  • Retail Price: $48.
  • Lot18 Price: $29.99  Sale Price expires in 2 days. ($19. after your free $10 credit arrives).

Exclusive: Brooklyn roasting Co. Ground coffee Duo

2 x 1 lb. bag, blend of ground coffee from Sidamo (Ethiopia) and Chiapas (Mexico)

Coffee is roasted and ground to order.

Brooklyn Roasting Co. uses the most advanced small-scale commercial roaster available – the Loring Kestrel 1/2-bag roaster – to “dial in” the perfect roast and ideal cup profile. This is the only “environmentally green” half-bag commercial roaster, and there are fewer than 50 of them in the world.

  • Artisanal Roast-to-Order Coffee
  • Retail Price: $32.
  • Lot18 Price: $25. ($15 after your $10 credit arrives).

Today new members of Lot18 can receive a $10 credit by invitation. By clicking here you will be redirected to Lot18 via my affiliate link. Your credit may take up to 48 hours to show in your new account.

*Note don’t forget to check your email for confirmation of sign-up.

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