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Kick Off Summer Fun with Paper Punk Art Craft Kits #ComePlay

Paper Punk Car Bot LeahSays Views Collage

I recently received the opportunity to review Paper Punk creative 3D art crafts for children.

I received Paper Punk art craft kits though KidStuff PR in exchange for an honest review.*

If you fold it, they will build! That was the mantra of Paper Punk’s founder Grace Hawthorne as she melded an innovative building toy made of paper into a business providing beautiful open play.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 1

My grandchildren were kind enough to create the customizable 2D paper kits, into standup 3D works of art, all from a few folds of paper!Paper Punk Ride part craft 001 LeahSays Views 9

Each Paper Punk kit is customizable, collectible and naturally recyclable.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 4

Everything needed is included, to transform a 2D piece of paper into a fun 3D craft your child will enjoy displaying.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 3

The children created the Bot and Ride Paper Punk projects.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 2

You can also find the Urban Fold, Ape, Fang, Horn, Kitty, Pup, Sweet along with a host of other fun craft kits at the Paper Punk Amazon Store or the Paper Punk website.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 6

The Ride Paper Punk kit includes everything you’ll need to build-your-own paper race car for display. No scissors or glue needed.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 7

What you’ll receive: 1 reusable folder, 22 punch-n-build shapes, 170 stickers, 40 adhesive dots, and a cool poster with instructions, for children ages 6 – 99.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 5

About Paper Punk:

Paper Punk is an innovative paper based building toy that provides endless imaginative and creative pay for everyone. It was founded with a simple ambition — to enable people to exercise their creativity and make things with their hands.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 8

As we increasingly rely on technological tools to discover, seek and sure information, there is also a growing disconnect with the tangible world. Through the act of making, people not only change the way they think, they change the way they behave. 

Paper Punk Bot craft art LeahSays Views car

Making has a magical, transformative power because you’re using your hands to think. Paper Punk is a creativity tool that’s as much an art form and it is a toy.

Paper Punk Bot craft art LeahSays Views 01

The build-your-own paper toy robot kit, includes a reusable folder, 18 punch-n-build shoes, 170 stickers, 40 adhesive dots, and a poster with instructions. For ages 6 – 99.

Paper Punk Ride art craft 001 LeahSays Views 10

Praise for Paper Punk:

“Top 20 Hot New Releases in Children’s Craft and Hobby 2012.” ~ Amazon

“Paper Punk…the Legos of the 21st century.” ~ Marin Independent Journal

“New model kits designed by the cofounder of ReadyMade are part origami, part Lego, and 100% recyclable…(they) encourage “open play,” allowing the maker to remix them.” ~ Fast Company/Co.Design

“Urban Fold Wins Parents’ Choice Gold Award!”

Follow Paper Punk via Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Website

Paper Punk Bot art craft LeahSays Views 2

This is what my grandson, who’s almost 9 years old, has to say about Paper Punk art and craft kits.

“I give them 10 out of 10 for fun, especially putting on the stickers, but it is hard sometimes and I needed help.” When asked if he thought a 6-year old could do the same craft, because the website says they’re geared toward ages 6 – 99, he said “no way, except for sticker part”.

His parent’s thoughts:

1. We would have liked a paper insert with other product they have for sell, he said that a Monster Truck would be cool.

2. The price needs to be lower. For what you get, I didn’t feel it was worth the price tag, it seems a little lower would be more appropriate. Considering once it’s built you don’t really “play” with it.

3. I think its is best suited for kids 8 years old and up. I’m not sure if older kids would like it or not. And the younger ones couldn’t do this craft alone, even I had trouble a few times.

4. It is a great rainy day activity, or even on a long road trip this would be perfect. It kept the children busy for over an hour.

5. The robot was really cool!

Mr T:

-Built the Car with his friend, they both enjoyed it.

-Built and decorated the Robot (With help)

-Favorite part… putting on the stickers!

Miss L:

Decorated the Car.

My thoughts:

I feel the Paper Punk kits would make great gifts, and ships easily. The person purchasing the kit would need to keep in mind, the project will more than likely require some parental assistance. And the kits are aimed toward stimulating the ART side of your child’s brain, crafting a one of a kind piece of art for display. Paper Punk would make perfect road trip and rainy day fun, with a toy geared toward creative play, without the need for batteries.

Paper Punk Bot art craft and Car LeahSays Views

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