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I’m Stocking Up On Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup #coldFlu #Matyshp

Organic Cough Syrup  Maty's  Cold and Flu  LeahSay's Views

Cold And Flu Season Is Upon Us It’s Time To Stock Up On Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup

I received Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup to facilitate a review.*

Matys organic cough syrup

Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup is B-E-Y-O-N-D Natural, it’s Organic!

ISDA Certified Organic

Packed with 10 Immune Boosting Ingredients

No Harmful Side Effects

Soothes Dry Irritated Throats

Maty's Organic Cough Syrup  Immune Booster  Cold and Flu  LeahSay's Views

How does, Maty’s organic cough syrup ingredients help? The select just the right combination of whole-food ingredients to create each of their products. Every ingredient contains powerful healing properties to support your body and improve your health. You will find the following ingredients in Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup.

Organic Honey – Antioxidant-rich honey

Organic Apple Cider Vinegar  – Promotes healthy mucous flow and provides immune support

Sea Salt – Provides trace minerals and is a natural detoxifier

Organic Lemon Peel – Source of limonene, a flavonoid that encourages natural detoxification

Organic Cinnamon – Traditionally used for colds and promotes healthy breathing

Organic Cayenne Pepper – Increases blood flow and aids circulation

Organic Clove – Powerful anti-microbial agent

Organic Marjoram – Has anti-microbial properties

Zinc Gluconate – Clinically proven to shorten the duration of a cold

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil – A healthy oil containing Vitamin E


Suggested Use, Take 1 to 2 teaspoons whenever needed. Best if stored at room temperature.

For a soothing, relaxing way to drink Maty’s organic cough syrup, try adding it to your favorite tea or warm cider.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Alcohol-Free, and contains no artificial preservatives, color additives, sweeteners, corn, soy, or wheat.

Matys natural cough syrup LeahSay's Views

Every year I give it my best to make sure I’m stocked up on cold and flu supplies. Because the last thing anyone wants to do when they start coming down ill is to make a trip to town for cold supplies. Not to mention the fact you’re then spreading the cold and flu to those around you.

I haven’t had a reason to need the Organic Cough Syrup… yet. But I know I will, I’m that person. And by that person, I mean the one you know who is sick often throughout the winter and spring months due to a weak immune system. I did, however, sample just enough to taste the syrup, and I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor, al least know I know I won’t need to quickly down the teaspoon quickly followed with a gulp of hot tea to chase away the taste, as I do with some other brands.

Stock up on Maty’s today!

You can find Maty’s online at Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Amazon |Walmart


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  1. Liz Mays

    This totally works and it’s so soothing. It really does a good job!

  2. Tina @ My Highest Self

    So many good ingredients in this organic cough syrup. So glad there are healthier options that actually taste good too.

  3. Maggie

    I keep hearing so much about apple cider vinegar, so I’m glad to see it as an ingredient. I like their suggestion to take your dose in a cup of hot tea.

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    This Maty’s Organic Cough Syrup sounds like an amazing product indeed for the whole family. I love how it has all natural ingredients in it and you can get in for the kids too. Thanks for a great review.

  5. Michele

    I have never heard of this cough syrup before but it sounds like I could really use some and soon. I noticed my throat feeling sore the other day–uh oh. Guess I’ll shoot over to my neighborhood health food store and see if they happen to carry it.

  6. Jenna Wood

    It’s great to have natural options for cold and flu. Our immune systems are compromised enough when we are ill without being bombarded by all the extra artificial ingredients and such.

  7. Suburban Style Challenge

    Ok, I *hate* the taste of cough syrups–that artificial, mediciny, grapey flavor literally makes me gag–but this sounds downright delicious! In fact, it sounds a lot like a mixture I made myself last winter when I had a sore throat and needed some relief. I’m hoping I don’t need it, but if I get sick, I’m definitely going to check this stuff out!

  8. Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs)

    I really like that this is organic. I’ll have to look for it at Walmart.

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