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I’m Dreaming of a Vacation #InAHyattWorld + $500 Giveaway #ad

Snow Missouri 11

Take a look at the picture above, because that is exactly what I have to look forward to over the next few months because winter has arrived in the Ozark’s. And as the temperatures steadily drop and the weather person predicts snow in the near future, I begin to daydream about a family vacation. Not just any family vacation. Our extended family traveled for a 10 day trip to the island of Hawaii about 10 years ago. It was all I ever imagined it would be sun, sand, beautiful tropical flowers, and the sound of the ocean waves crashing upon the shore lulling me to sleep.

Hyatt beach Hawaii


The Grand Hyatt Kauai, Hawaii Resort, and Spa offers the exact lush settings I look for in a resort when searching for a vacation or weekend getaway.

Hyatt suite


Truth be told I’m happiest near the water, therefore any of the Hyatt locations located near the beach would be on my shopping list during the cold months of winter. Are you dreaming of a winter escape? Maybe a weekend getaway or an escape during or after the holidays, you know what I suggesting a way to unwind and relax after the hectic holiday season and of course after dealing with “crazy Uncle Eddie” (every family has one).

Hyatt Hawaii room


One of  the most important things for me as a disabled traveler is the hotel amenities, views, location to the places I plan to visit during my stay and the staff. I can tell you a friendly smile or courteous help or directions can make my day. You can warm up with Winter Savings! Enjoy 20% off stays of 2 nights or more and 25% off stays of 3 nights or more at the following Hyatt Hotel locations! Use Code: WSALEA   Date Winter Savings Offer Available For: Through Nov. 30

Travel family LeahSay's View

My grandchildren are each and everyone precious gifts which bring me untold joy. Watching them grow and form their own personalities is absolutely precious and heart warming.

LeahSay's Views Beach Lilly Travel

Maybe she’s contemplating what to have for a snack after a day at the beach?

Travel Beach LeahSay'sThis guy is always trying to make me smile. At one point when he was around 5 he loved snow and playing in the snow so much, someone told him if he was to place a spoon under his pillow it would snow. I asked him once after a big snow storm if he would take the spoon out from under his pillow because grandma LeahSay had “enjoyed” enough snow for the year.

Lilly Kenna Missouri travel Beach LeahSay's Views

We all remember creating mud pies as a child, well the girls were creating a bit of a wet sand mess which will wash away with the next wave splashing at their ankles, yet they are building memories that will last a lifetime.

beach travel LeahSay's Views

I think my grandchildren feel the pull of the water (bodyboard) and enjoy a day of fun in the sand and sun as much as grandma LeahSay.

And then we have those who truly enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather.

Turner Snow Missouri LeahSay's Views

Snow… bring it on!

I must admit I enjoy the view of a fresh snow, the crisp bite in the air and being able to wear sweaters once again!

Hyatt Bever Creek Vail Valley CO

Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa Vail Valley Co

If I were a skier I would enjoy the views at Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa located in Vail Valley, Colorado.

Beavercreek hyatt

Hyatt Bever Creek Vail Valley CO

Perhaps I’d enjoy a warm beverage while watching the snow float down from the comfort of the lounge while seated near the fire (and anyone who knows me, knows I’d have a novel in hand).

Where would you travel to during the Hyatt Snow on Sale?

Book the “Snow on Sale” package at Hyatt.com and Earn a Free Night Stay at participating mountain resorts in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada! Offer available through April 7 , 2016 (Terms and Conditions apply. See landing page for details.)

photo 3 copy 2

My sister-in-law and myself after a day on Lake Michigan, sun burnt, wind-tossed and exhausted, yet all smiles.

Get out there and visit YOUR favorite Hyatt location #InAHyattWorld!

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Hyatt $500 digital gift card winner Travel 12-2015

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I would love to go to the one in Hawaii! I have never been, and it would be a perfect place to travel to!


Unfortunately the link was down, but Hyatt is in all the good places, and I would love to go to Vermont.

Bo Simms

I would like to stay at the Hyatt in Hawaii. I have always wanted to travel to Hawaii.

Leigh Ann

I’d keep it semi-local at the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines. It’s such a beautiful property for a staycation!

Seattle Travel Blogger

My partner and I love the Hyatt Hotel chain.
We are also fans of Hawaii – traveled there two times so far.

Lexie Lane

I’ve always heard Hyatt and its sounds beautiful place to stay a vacation, I’d like to win this and I’m sure my family would enjoy it.

Nicole Escat

such a peaceful and relaxing place, Perfect for family bonding. These was really worth to visit with the whole family, for sure we will enjoy our vacation on that kind of place.

Elizabeth O.

They are all too adorable! I’m glad they love the outdoors, regardless of the weather. That would help them enjoy life in all its glory.


I’d like to stay at the Hyatt Place Louisville East as it’s close to home but I could use a staycation! Thanks for the opportunity!

Bonnie Hilligoss

I would like the Grand Hyatt, Kauai, just because it’s in Hawaii! Kauai is our favorite place to visit – there’s no spot like it.

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