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Enjoying a Family Friendly DVD with the Grandchildren #Coloring Pages


Spending Time With The Grandchildren

Spending a few hours with the grandchildren can range from fun filled adventure all the way up to grandma LeahSay needs a time out!

We experience days of playing, laughing, baking or just plain being silly. Seriously with small children involved you never know what they will think of next.

Example. One day last week my grandson decided we were only allowed to walk on our tippy toes across the carpeted areas, then when we reached the area rug we were supposed to only step on the areas that contained animals. Well, this was a fun experience for me since I’m not exactly stead on my feet some days. As well as his little sister walking in ALL the wrong places or just out right dancing around him. Which was not making him too happy. Sissy and I just laughed and danced, which helped him get over his fit quickly. However this did bring back memories of my own children playing twister. Which always ensured a fun time had by all. Unless the oldest lost and well lets just say he really does not like to come in last place and leave it at that.

Later in the week the children were not feeling well so we decide to snuggle on the davenport (sofa) and watch a family appropriate movie. Snuggled up with one child on each end and myself in the middle, it didn’t take them long to fall asleep. Which left me wishing we had a footstool setting in front of the couch so I could have drifted off to dreamland as well.

Our movie selections for the afternoon were both from a couple of our favorite PBSKids.org programs. WILD KRATTS – Lost At Sea and Dinosaur Train – Submarine Adventures.

I feel completely comfortable when selection PBS programming for my grandchildren to watch because I know they will be watching family friendly programming with a great possibility of educational fun as well.

WILD KRATTS: Creature teachers Chris and Martin Kratt take 6 – 8 year olds along on extraordinary animal-powered adventures in the series WILD KRATTS on PBS KID GO! The program transforms the Kratt Brothers, craters of the award-winning Kratts Creatures and Emmy-winning Zoboomafo, into animated versions of themselves. Allowing the real-life zoologist to visit wild animals in their natural habitats and show case science along the way.

Wild Kratts_Bros_Underwater

Dinosaur Train: is seen through the eyes of Buddy, a preschool-aged Tyrannosaurus Rex. Buddy and his adoptive family of Pteranodons go for adventures on the Dinosaur Train along the way they meet all the dinosaurs in the different eras and learn fascination new fact about these amazing creatures.

Visit PBSkids.org to find age appropriate videos, games and program highlights, along with downloadable coloring pages from your child’s favorite PBS program.

Purchase a copy of your family favorite PBS programs to enjoy at your leisure, at ShopPBS.org or Amazon.com

Our family received PBS DVDs to facilitate my review.*


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