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Empowering Young Girls Through Girl Power

empowered girl power bracelet


As my oldest daughter was beginning to face the tween years and the pressures that come with them I felt as a father I needed some way to connect with her. I’ve always been creative making fun things for my kids. I am a mailman, as a kid I wrote messages on stretched rubber bands….quite by accident one day on my mail route I saw a stretched rubber band around my bundle of mail; I wrote a message to my daughter and brought it home and put it on the breakfast bar with a note for her to stretch it to reveal a secret message. She loved it!

I’d write messages to encourage her to follow her dreams, to be who God intended her to be, and that I loved her with all my heart. She looked forward to the rubber band messages to stretch-n-reveal. Her excitement sparked something in me and I began the process of creating stretch-n-reveal bracelets as a product. Over the course of the next several years, through many roadblocks and frustrations I was able to get my unique bracelets manufactured.

Sometime after the Girl Power Bracelets arrived at our door I began thinking of a way to get them in the hands of tween and teen girls. This was quite a process and through it was born Girl Power Campaign. Girl Power is still in its infancy and we are continuing to tweak things making them better and more dynamic. The Campaign is geared to help parents and teen/tween girls. We created a fun and powerful way for parents to help girls develop their own identity, a healthy self-image and to follow their dreams. A small but powerful piece of the campaign are the stretch-n-reveal bracelets used as daily reminders of becoming who they are design to be. There is a place on our website for parents to share helpful stories and information. We provide tips on how to encourage their girls through the five empowerment steps we created.

A couple of years ago as my oldest daughter was pulling out of the driveway heading to college she noticed a rubber band around her gear shifter she took it off, stretched it and revealed the message, ‘I love you, miss you and am so proud of you.” She called me, “Thank you, Daddy, for always being there for me.” She is now a High School math teacher in an inner-city alternative school.

infographic girl power

The Mission

Equip parents with tools and resources to play a pivotal role in fostering positive self-confidence. Our goal is to raise awareness of the consequences of low self-esteem. To provide tools for parents to improve confidence in their girls and make available key strategies to inspire them to be their best. To teach values of positive parenting and verbal affirmation of unconditional value and worth in conjunction with enforcing the morals that effort and hard work are vital keys to encouraging growth, both in them and their children. To teach parents key essentials such as:

Showing acceptance – Giving encouragement – Sharing dreams and imparting hope – Building rapport with your girls – Teaching that hard work and endurance pay off

We believe every girl has value and purpose

We believe every girl deserves to be who they were created to be

We believe a positive self-image is essential for growth

We believe open safe communication is the key to raising successful and confident girls

vintage wash tee

Shop the Girl Power shop during the holiday season and help empower the young girls and future strong women of our future.

yoga pants

When ordering fun Girl Power clothing in a fun array of colors and styles. And when ordering you can choose which empowering saying you would like to include on your purchase.

I am empowered to be myself

I am empowered to always be myself

I am empowered to follow my dreams

I am empowered to make a difference

I am empowered to change the world

girl power hoodie

Girl Power Hoodie, Girl Power Vintage Wash Tee, and Girl Power Stretch-N-Reveal Bracelets a value of $70.

girl power hoodie vintage tee winner 12-2015




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  1. E. Diane Macauley

    I think my daughter would like the purple hoodie with “always shine bright”. I know I would like it on her! 🙂

  2. Leela

    Ladies Solid Colorblock Capri Yoga Pants in Gray/Black.

  3. Leah Shumack

    My daughter basically lives in hoodies! She would love to have the purple Girl Power hoodie!

  4. Jasmine P

    I would get the Ladies Crew Neck Tee for my sister!

  5. Stacey A Smith

    my niece would love the I am Empowered to be myself Hoodie Neon Blue.

  6. Dorothy Teel

    My granddaughter loves the hoodie and then when she out grows it she can give to her younger sister in purple with the saying “I am empowered to follow my dreams” perfect for her.

  7. Crystal Gomez

    I would love the Girl Power Purple Empowered To Follow My Dreams hoodie!

  8. Velvet

    The girl power hoodie in neon blue my kids would love

  9. Jeanna Massman

    My niece would love the junior V-neck tee in purple.

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