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#laundryredefined #ad Easing My Arthritis Pain, Using Tide Pods

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Let’s discuss how using Tide Pods has helped decreased my arthritis pain.

You read that sentence correctly.

I suffer from arthritis pain daily; some days are great others, I can barely walk. I discovered helping myself before, pain strikes is my best defense. For instance, if I’m going to be out and about town, I prepare by wearing comfortable sports shoes to help reduce the pain in my knees and back. When carrying in packages from the supermarket, I make more trips, where, before I’d do my very best to carry every single bag in one trip (you know your guilty of this one too). I never kneel all the way down on my knees in the floor anymore, the pain the next few days is never worth it in the end. I ask others for help when moving or carry items that are way too heavy for me now. In the past I’d been know to move a full sized entreatment center, or my queen sized bed by myself, which is all in the past. In the end I’ve learned several helpful ways to maneuver through out my day, completing my everyday tasks such as laundry and cleaning my home. I have a handy dandy laundry hamper with wheels! Yep, that little gem is a life saver on good days and bad. Example, one day last winter after a few days of being bedridden with the flu I needed to wash bedding, etc. I tossed my dirty linen in the wheeled hamper and pulled it into the laundry room. Yes, it was a joyful moment when I was able to do this task on my own without asking for assistance.

Do you see those squishy Tide Pods in the photo below? I place the Tide tub in the drawer below my washer (I do not have small children living at home, therefore I keep my Tide below the washer). When I’m ready to start a load of laundry, I simply toss in a Tide Pod, add my clothing and close the door.

Now that the weather has finally warmed up, I’ll be spending more time in the pool, which means more laundry. It’s a good thing I have Tide Pods on hand.

#laundryredefined Tide Pods LeahSay's View

Each convenient Tide Pod is pre-measured so is takes the guess work out of laundry day, to consistently deliver trusted Tide cleaning performance.

To deliver a small liquid single use, a new formula was created that is HE compatible and twice as compacted as current 2x Tide Liquid.

The three separate chambers designed in each Tide Pod allows the unique chemistry matrix to work synergistically in the washer for excellent results.

To ensure the best laundry experience for consumers, Tide Pods uses a NEW* film that dissolves completely in the washer, even in cold water.

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What are you waiting for, pick up the improved Tide Pods for #laundryredefined to fit your needs! #ad

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I always wondered how these worked. I’m glad they worked well for you. I’m sorry you have arthritis, but I’m glad this product makes life a little easier for you.


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