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Do you need to look before you leap? #NabloPoMo #5

Do you need to look before you leap?

This is the BlogHer NaBloPoMo Jump post for tonight.

So without further ado…  Well first I invite you to read the previous posts in the “Jump” series HERE.

Now let’s get down to the question. Do “I” need to look before I leap?

As stated earlier in the week I am the type of person whom almost always over analyzes anything new that is about to be introduced into my life.

Be it buying new shoes or going to the supermarket. I think about it before hand. This is not to say I don’t do some things spur of the moment. I do.

Cleaning. Yep. I can start cleaning a the drop of the hat. Then continue on that streak for days or weeks.

Leaping, yes I’ve been known to dance in the rain with my granddaughter in our nightgowns.

Start a project I know, won’t be finished, just because it felt right. But mostly I have been known to take a leap on the dance floor. Yep. that’s me. I have always loved to dance.


Even now. Even though I have trouble walking, I still love to dance.

To sum it up. Yes. I can take a leap without having to look first.

How about you? Can you take a leap without looking first?

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