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Discovering my Love for Reading in the Ozarks Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up #tbt

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It’s Throwback Thursday Bloggers Link Up!

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Join Us Weekly as We Add a New Stroll Down Memory Lane to Our Weekly Throwback Thursday Link Up.

This week my memories are taking me down the lane to books!

When I was growing up I often found myself with extra time on my hands.

I remember as a child our class would visit the school library each week to find a book or two to check out for the week. I’m not dissing the public school libraries; however ours was in need of a decent librarian. Our librarian was not the type of person whom was inclined to help you find a book or even help you deduce by your weekly pros and cons list of past books read, exactly what you are searching for. I felt I was beyond Dr Seuss, Charlotte’s Webb along with most of the books in that section of the library.

Well one day I stumbled upon the western section; I pulled a few from the shelf and was instantly drawn into the story line and I had finished several pages in one of the books, when the bell announced it was time to return to class. I went up front to check out the books I had found, only to be told they were not available for check out for someone of my class/age group. Well that put a screeching haunt to my new fiction finds coming home with me.

I happened to mention this to a friend and she said that she’d been told the same thing. Well least I forget this was back in the  {cough} 70’s and I lived in a VERY small town; meaning rules were normally fairly strict when it involved overbearing adults. Take note that I’d been reading the book just fine and without any problems until I was told NO. Finally my friend mentioned this to her big sister who was in high school. We all put our heads together and came up with a plan. We, my friend who was the same age as myself and attending the 5th grade and myself, set up a system. We would go in and find the books we would like to read, only one or two each, and then take the list to her sister whom would in turn check out the books for us. Worked like a charm for 2 years until she graduated. But during our summer break before we started 7th grade our school hired a new librarian. And you know what, she was the bomb! She said that all the books were available for anyone to check out with the exception of reference books; as long as the person checking out the book was able to read at that level. Sweet! Once we started talking with her and she found out our likes and dislikes over time she was able to help us locate books that we didn’t even know were in existence, little lone located in our library.

During those two years of reading via a dupe check out system and then moving forward with the help of a great librarian I found I was never in need of something to do or wishing I could go somewhere. All I had to do was visit our local library and then open a book, once that was achieved I could be anyone or go anyplace my heart desired, all by reading a book.

I still read daily, it helps me relax just before I fall asleep and a cold snowy day in the Ozarks means a hot cuppa and a good book will help while away the hours. Speaking of sleep…

Link up your #tbt moments and memories or leave a comment!

Let’s enjoy a stroll down memory lane, truly the options are endless.

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