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Baking a Zebra Cake – How To #DIY #Humor

zebra cake-11

I’ve seen recipes floating around the net for quite sometime for the famed “Zebra Cake”.

Well I’m here to tell you, cake from scratch still eludes my baking skills, and I can bake most anything I set my mind to. I’m serious; no matter the recipe or my focus to detail, I have yet to make a “from scratch” cake that could not be used for a first base during a Cubs game or maybe a sponge for washing your heavy duty truck or maybe a tractor tire patch (I’m sure it will hold up).

However this “How To” isn’t about the recipe per say, it’s about the steps to create the zebra effect. Which will delight children of all ages. Yes, Mr. even thought the final effects were worthy of my efforts. ;)

First I used two box cake mixes (and personally I see no shame in this). Saves me time and my family the problem of coming up with excuses why they will not eat my cakes.

The first cake mix is fudge chocolate (I’m hooked at chocolate) the second is a yellow mix, both are the super moist type mixes.

zebra cake-1

After mixing both cake mixes according to directions I then place them each separate cake mix into a bowl with a spout. This is for ease of pouring.

Then I turn my oven on to pre-heat and spray my baking pans well with cooking spray to prevent sticking.

Now comes the fun part. Since I’m using two mixes I decided to use two separate pans for baking. Just because I was afraid if I put the total two mixes into one pan, my cake would burn on the outside before being done in the middle (makes since right). Unless you have a really big cake pan, then disregard my two pan method.

You will need to start out by making a small circle in the center of your pan with one flavor of your cake mix. Then directly in the center of this circle of mix, add the second flavor of mix. But do not allow your second mix go over the edge of the first circle.

zebra cake-5

Each layer you add will be one on top of the next until you have the appearance of the picture on the right.

I mentioned I was making a second cake. I decided to mix it up a bit and made my second cake in my tube (bundt) cake pan.

zebra cake-4

After distributing all of your cake mixes into your pan(s) layer by layer you will then be ready to pop them into the oven.

Once your cake is cooled it’s time to slather on the icing. I say this tongue in cheek because the majority of my family prefers only a thin layer if any on any cake. However Mr. prefers sugar. Sugar; sugar in almost any form cookies, cake, candy, pasties and these are just a few of his favorites in the sweets department.

Zebra Cake_2

The children love the swirls of color and the flavor and color choices are limited only to your imagination!

Above is the tube (bundt) cake pan results. The round shaped pan will be sliced at a later date. I will post an updated picture then. And I will say it looks like (judging from the top of the cakes appearance) the round cake will look a little more detailed when sliced.

Do you have a favorite dessert? One of my favorites is coconut cream pie. I’m talking my momma’s homemade coconut cream pie minus the meringue (I’ve always called meringue “calf slobbers” so if you see this in a future post… just go with it).

Update* Pictures of the round shaped pan with zebra strip effects.


Someone’s enjoying grandmas cake… a little chocolate covered face.



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