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Act Fast! 11 Free Issues Ladies Home Journal #Magazine

ladies home journal

Ladies Home Journal Bringing You Up To Date Information About Relationships, Fashion, Beauty, Health and more!

n ladies home journal mag

Here is another great offer from freebizmag.com

I love having a few magazines and books on hand to help me relax at the end of the day.

I also enjoy sharing my reading material with others (recycling if you will).

Well right now if you hurry because supplies are limited.* You can sign up with Freebizmag to receive one-year = 11 complementary issues of Ladies Home Journal.

That’s 11 issues of recipes and cooking ideas, gardening, entertaining, holiday ideas, health and wellness.

Hint* When you look at your address label on your subscription magazines. It should look something like this:

Your Name

1234 Anywhere Ave.

Anywhere, USA 000000-0000

On the right hand side of your address label you’ll see a date, example* Nov 10 or maybe Nov 2010.

This is the date your subscription will end. This helps you to keep an eye out for a free offer to renew your subscription.

This offer is brought to you by Freebizmag.

You will need to complete an online profile. *Note, keep your info for future Freebizmag offers.

Once you complete your profile. A pop-up window will come up to offer you more magazines offers. Personally, I close or hit no and move on.

Offer expires on January 29th, offers are limited.*

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